No. 1 (1808-12-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/1

On the Study of Ancient Architecture & Mr Flaxman
To Maria ?
On the Conscription of the Student of GottingenMiss Porden
Love and the NymphsMr Kilburn (Hassan)
An Apology for a ValentineMiss Flaxman
Anacreontic ValentineMr Bond
Goodby & how d’ye docom. Mr. Flaxman

No. 2 (1809-01-10)D8760/F/FEP/5/1

Nor let soft slumber &c ?
Impromptu on a man of GeniusMr Parkinson
On Professor PersonDo.
Charades by PersonProfessor Person
Part of the 15th Satire of JuvenalMr Bond
SonnetsMr. Kilburn (Hassan)
The Muses Vagaries(Fitz Pieria)
The Birth of Ellen(Comfit)
“And a’ that”Miss Flaxman

No. 3 (1809-01-24)D8760/F/FEP/5/1

Sonnet to a NightingaleC. Sanders
To St AndrewA. Bower com. Mr. Flaxman
On Hearing a Lady SingMr Joseph (Timanthes)
To Sir John Barrington on His BirthdayMr Porden
The Muses Vagaries cont. ?
A Riddlecom. Mr. Flaxman

No. 4 (1809-02-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/1

On Contemplating a Splendid Pile of Ruinscom. Mr. Flaxman
The Three KissesMr Joseph
A Description of Monkey Island → Mr Porden
The Queen Anne St. GhostMr Parkinson
The Violet(Violetta)

No. 5 (1809-02-21)D8760/F/FEP/5/2

Valentine to IctinusMiss Porden
〃 Maria ParsimoniaMiss Porden
〃 Miss FlaxmanMiss Porden
〃 Miss Maria DenmanMiss Porden
〃 “Cupid Spitted on a Dart”Miss Porden
〃 IctinusMiss Porden
〃 Hermes to MariaMiss Porden
〃 “All powerful Love is like the Sword of Old”Miss Porden
〃 “As longs the Cat the timid Mouse to catch”Miss Porden
〃 “When Bish or Carter puffs advance”Miss Porden
〃 “At Cupid’s Altar”Miss Porden
〃 “When Cupid last by Venus sent”Miss Porden
〃 Under the Knave of HeartsMiss Porden
〃 Under the Queen of HeartsMiss Porden
〃 Miss Porden “Aid me all ye powers divine”Mr Porden
〃 Miss Porden “On Ezla’s pleasant banks reclined”Mr Bond
〃 From Manchester ?
〃 “Though the sweetest vermilion adorn” ?
〃 “An ardent admirer of the Muses”Mr Kay
〃 “See how the feather’d blossoms” ?
〃 “In grim array”Miss Maria Denman
〃 Ellen → Mr Bond
〃 Greek → Mr Flaxman
〃 Cupid's LamentMiss Flaxman
〃 With a PancakeMr Kay
〃 Account of St Valentine ?
〃 A TaleMr Flaxman and Co.
〃 from Zephyrus ?
〃 from Euphemia ?
〃 from DidoMr Flaxman
〃 French → Miss Porden
〃 “The lofty Lily” ?
〃 “Love is a burthen” ?
〃 “Convinced a Married”com. Miss M’donald
〃 “And canst thou say” ?
〃 “Awake sweet girl awake” ?
Bellamira BarnaclesD. Grant
Valentine MorningMr Kay

No. 6 (1809-03-07)D8760/F/FEP/5/2

The Jarvey(A Young Lady)
The Muses Vagaries No. 3 ?
Constellation No. 1Miss Porden

No. 7 (1809-03-25)D8760/F/FEP/5/3

The Age of WondersMiss Porden
An Author’s address to His First WorkMr Parkinson
To a Pianoforte ?
Anacreon Ode 23Mrs Kay
My choice  ?
The RoseMr Kilburn (Hassan)
The Bee from AnacreonMr Bond
Constellation No. 2Miss Porden

No. 8 (1809-04-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/3

Address from the Attic ChestMiss Porden
Answer to the Riddle in No. 4Miss Porden
Another 〃 Mr Henry Thomson
Another 〃 A Young Lady
Anacreon Ode 48Mr Bond
The Jealous LoverMr Porden
The Lamentation of PegasusMiss Porden
The Chest of EleanoraMiss Parkinson
The Fete de la Rose → Mrs. Hoole com. Mrs. Kay
Constellation No. 3Miss Porden
A Riddle on Buonaparte  ?

No. 9 (1809-05-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/3

The Dove from AnacreonMr Porden
Anacreon Ode 29Mr Bond
The Rose a CoquetteMiss Flaxman
On a Young Lady who Spoilt a Fine ComplexionMr Joseph
Horace Book 2 Ode 16Mr Bond (Desmos)
Epigram or Dr. Toecom. Mr Flaxman
Answer to the Riddle on Buonaparte → Mr Porden
Constellation No. 4Miss Porden

No. 10 (1809-05-16)D8760/F/FEP/5/4

Sonnet on the Cicadacom. Mr Porden
Anacreon Ode 43Mr Bond
Story Zeladai & AlcidonMr Porden
Elegy on Fitz PieriaMiss Flaxman
Pegasus restored to the GodsMr Flaxman
The Mob CapMr Kennion
To RobertoMiss Porden
Roberto’s AnswerMr Robert Kay
To Roberto againMiss Porden

No. 11 (1809-05-30)D8760/F/FEP/5/4

Impromptu written on the Margate Packet ?
The Apotheosis → Mr Flaxman
Address to the Clouds on St. Valentine’s DayMiss Porden
Anacreon Ode 1Mr Parkinson
Another 〃Mr Bond
Another 〃Mr Porden
Query in Natural History → Mr Parkinson
Answer → Mr Porden

No. 12 (1809-07-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/4

Burlesque ElegyMiss Porden
SonnetMiss Porden (Sophis)
Flattery RejectedMr Joseph
The Floral SenateMiss Porden
Sonnet to RobertoMiss Porden
A Fragment from the GreekMr Flaxman
The Attic ChestMiss Porden
Farewell Address from the Attic ChestMiss Porden

No. 13 (1809-12-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/5

The Spirit of the Attic ChestMiss Flaxman
The NovembriadMiss Flaxman
Translation of Ode of PetrarchMrs Dobson
Verses to the MoonCommunicated by Mrs Flaxman
Says a P to an Ocom. Mr R. Kay
Anacreon 16Mr Bond
To Sir John BarringtonMr Porden
EpigramR. Westall
Charade: MaliceMr Stockdale
Cupid as Landscape Paintercom. Miss Flaxman (H.C.R.)

No. 14 (1810-01-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/5

History of the Attic ChestMiss Porden
Christmas Gambolscom. Mrs Flaxman
The Fairy’s WishDo. (Gossamer)
Riddle “Four people sat down at a Tavern to play” ?
Dulce DomumMiss Flaxman (Peregrine)
To a Lost FriendMiss Ludlow com. by Miss Richardson
AnacreonticMr Flaxman (Anacreonides)
Monsieur L’Abbé de Grenthe’s Academycom. Sir John Barrington
Verses spoken at His BallDo.
The Tinder BoxMr Flaxman (Philo-Fillagree)

No. 15 (1810-01-16)D8760/F/FEP/5/5

The Spirit of YuletideMiss Sanders (Robin)
An Address to Loveunknown
Verses Imitated from the French of MoliereMiss Richardson
“Si le Roi m’avait donné”Do.
Song of the Goldfinchcom. Mrs Flaxman
Mr. Giles, a parody on “Young Lochinvar”Miss Richardson
Query in Natural HistoryMr Parkinson
Answer to Do.Mr Porden
Do. by Brownee to Lady Charlotte DurhamDo.
The Wise men of GothamDo.
Charade: A Kiss ?
Cupid as Landscape PainterMr Vignoles (B.R.)

No. 16 (1810-01-30)D8760/F/FEP/5/6

Rebecca, a BalladSir John Carr
Address to a Gentleman on His BirthdayMr Vignoles (B.R.)
AnacreonticMr Flaxman (Anacreonides)
Answer to the Query in Natural HistoryMr Vignoles
An Erroneous Answer to the RiddleDo.
Another. BussMiss Flaxman
Another Rebuss → Do.
The Miser and the Mousecom. by Do.
Charade: FortnightMr Vignoles
A Stray Spark from the Tinder BoxMr Flaxman
Lines to the Author of the Tinder BoxMiss Flaxman
VersesMr Hoppner
A Reproof to Gormandizing BardsMr Parkinson (Fare and Fret)
LaurettaMiss Flaxman (Peregrine)

No. 17 (1810-02-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/6

Epitaph on General WolfeMr Porden
Stanzas on Terror and Pitycom. Mr Vignoles
Address to the Musescom. Mrs Flaxman
Song Written on Tempestuous Nightcom. Mr Henry Thomson
An Invitation to the Reverend Mr TaylorMr Porden
Translations from the Welsh of Daffyd ap Gwyllym ?
Petition to WinterMr Porden
Ambrosinecom. Miss Porden
Enigma: PleasureMrs Hutton
Charade: SparklingMr Vignoles
The Lawyer, A TaleDo.
Lines on the Entrance of Valentine’s DayMiss Flaxman (Cynthia)

No. 18 (1810-02-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/6

Valentine to Filo Fillagree(Scintilla)
Do. to PeregrineMiss Flaxman
Do. to IctinusDo. (Dido)
Do. to HassanDo. (Augusta Valentina)
Do. to Somebody ?
Do. to Roberto(Phoebe)
Do. to An Architect ?
Do. to Miss Porden ?
Do. to StellaMiss Flaxman (Moth)
Do. to EborinaMiss Porden (Punch)
The Female EmigrationsMr Vignoles

No. 19 (1810-03-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/7

The MothMiss Flaxman
The Pastor Restored to His Flockcom. Mrs Kay (Philo Clerico)
Ictinus to DidoMiss Flaxman (Bond?)
Sonnet to a Young LadMiss Porden (Mnemosyneia)
To a Bull FinchMiss Sanders (C.S.)
To LauraMiss Flaxman (Peregrine)
An Address to the Pencom. Miss Beslee
To the Lady of the Golden ArrowMiss Flaxman (Peregrine)
Answer to the Charade FortnightDo. (M.)
Verses to the Misses D---nsMr Porden
Doubt and CertaintyMr Porden
Sonnet ?
Song to the Tune of Four and Twenty FiddlersMr Flaxman

No. 20 (1810-03-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/7

From a Butterfly to AspasiaDr Shaw
The Cottagecom. Mrs Kay (S.G.)
TeaMr Parkinson (Van-ta-zhin)
The Power of Songcom. Mrs Flaxman
A German Bacchanalian SongMr Campbell
Ebor’s GreenMr Porden
An O.P. Dialogue between a Turk and an Englishman(Frederica)
Westminster Hall on the First Day of TermMr Vignoles (Edward)
The Mother’s SongMiss Flaxman (Penelope)
The Voyage of the MusesMiss Porden

No. 21 (1810-04-10)D8760/F/FEP/5/8

A ChallengeMiss Flaxman (Thalestris/Incognita)
The SquirrelMiss Sanders
Sonnet to a Little Girlcom. Miss Beslee
Sonnet to Samuel William Nicol Esq.Mr Porden
Song “If Ever Prayer of Hapless Love”Mr Porden
Against Life from Posidippuscom. Mrs Flaxman
For Life from the Greek of MetrodorusDo.
The New BroomReverend Mr Cayley
On the Portable PensMr Bond
Latin Acrostic: Napoleon Buonaparte ?
The Latin Gerunds: Di Do Dumcom. Miss Flaxman
The Speech of a New Married ManDo.

No. 22 (1810-04-24)D8760/F/FEP/5/8

A Querycom. Miss Flaxman
Inscription to the Memory of Shenstonecom. Miss Flaxman
Hymn to Apollo from the Greekcom. Miss Flaxman
To Lycidas on His Forsaking the Lyre(Dorea)
A Translation of the 2nd Ode of AnacreonMiss Porden (Thyrsis)
1810 to Incognitacom. Miss Flaxman
Tancred to Thalestris → Miss Flaxman
The Faults of WomankindMiss Porden (Lysander)
Woman from the Greek  ?

No. 23 (1810-05-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/8

Aruns to Thalestriscom. Mr Vignoles
Incognita to 1810Miss Flaxman
The DowryMr Flaxman (Fitz Hesiod)
The Fopcom. Miss Beslee
A Charade: WantonDo. (C.B.)
A Fairy Favour for EllenMiss Flaxman (Sprite)
Greenwich HillMr Gifford (Cesareo)
The Challenge of TimonMr Vignoles

No. 24 (1810-05-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/9

Address to OpisMiss Flaxman (Carina)
After seeing Florio at a MasqueradeMiss Flaxman (Clytia)
To Lysandercom. by Do. (Maude)
To Incognita by 1810com. by Miss Flaxman
An Answer to the Challenge of TimonMiss Flaxman
A poetical reply Valiant to Timon and LysanderMiss Porden (Camilla)
Charade: Watermancom. Miss Flaxman (C.J.F.)
Enigmacom. Mr Vignoles (S.A.W.)
To Her I Lovecom. Miss Richardson
The Love Fit, a Rhapsodycom. Mr Henry Thomson
Roscius, the Peer, and His TailorDo.

No. 25 (1810-06-05)D8760/F/FEP/5/9

A melting Effusion to a Candle snuffed too lowcom. Mr Flaxman
Farewell to AnnaMiss Flaxman
What You WillMr Vignoles (B.R.)
To a Lady ?
Epitaph ?
Springcom. Mr Jackson & Mr Vignoles
Epitaph for a Young Lady ?
To Elizacom. Miss Flaxman
Sonnet on York MinsterMr Porden
From Incognita to 1810Miss Flaxman
The ReconciliationMr Flaxman
From TimonMr Vignoles (Simon)

No. 26 (1810-06-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/9

To EborinaMr Porden (Lothario)
What You WillMr Vignoles
Translation from GreekMr Bond (Ictinus)
A Riddle: SighMiss Flaxman (Amintor)
Moth to StellaMiss Flaxman
Damon to DeliaRev Mr Cayley
Invocation to SleepMiss Porden (Narcotus)
Dido to IctinusMiss Porden
SongMiss Porden (Malcolm Graeme)
Philomel and RosaMiss Porden (Myrtillus)
Lines by Mr Roscoecom. Miss Beslee

No. 27 (1810-07-03)D8760/F/FEP/5/10

The Sequel to 1810com. Miss Flaxman
The Ring: a DialogueMiss Flaxman
Answer to Amintor’s Riddle: SighMiss Flaxman
Charade by C.J.F. AnsweredMiss Flaxman
Lines Given to a Young LadyMiss Flaxman
On Wit and Humor ?
The Plighted LadyMiss Flaxman
The Rape of the VeilMiss Porden
AnnouncementMiss Porden

No. 28 (1810-07-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/10

Woman’s Last WordMiss Flaxman (Incognita)
Songcom. Mrs Flaxman (Psyche)
A Simple and Pathetic Talecom. Mrs Flaxman (Fitz Wordsworth)
Taper Soup ? (Fitz Gravy)
The Lady’s LamentMiss Flaxman
The Complaint of the SylphsMiss Porden (Ariel)
Epistle to a LadyMiss Porden
The Attic Chest to Her Respected FriendsMiss Porden
The Spirit of the Attic Chest’s FarewellMr Vignoles
To Miss Porden on Her BirthdayMr Flaxman
The Order of the CrossMiss Flaxman
AcknowledgementsMiss Porden

No. 29 (1810-11-20)D8760/F/FEP/5/11

The Complaint of the MembersMr Vignoles
An Attic GarlandMiss Flaxman
Invocation to the MusesMiss Porden
Vox PlanetarumMrs Flaxman
Acrostic, on the Death of Princess AmeliaMr Vignoles
Elegy, on the Death of Princess AmeliaMiss Porden
Charade: Denham ?
Specimens of Elegant WritingMr Flaxman

No. 30 (1810-12-05)D8760/F/FEP/5/11

Love and a Cottagecom. Miss Flaxman
An Anagrammatical Charade: PordenMiss Flaxman
Nine Lines in Apology for EightMiss Flaxman
Song to the Air Waly, WalyMrs Flaxman
The Old Philosophical Enigma Unriddledcom. Mrs Flaxman
The Foxes Caught in Their Own TrapMiss Porden
Extract from the Preface to the Chronicle of the Cidcom. Mr Porden

No. 31 (1810-12-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/11

The Queen and Her Three Daughters ?
On the Summary of Alchemycom. Mrs Flaxman (Katterfelto)
An Attempt to Delineate a Charactercom. Miss Richardson
On PhosphorusMiss Porden
The Fop’s DistressMiss Porden
The Primrose of DecemberMiss Sanders
On Miss Peacock, Lady Mayoress of YorkMr Flaxman
On Junius, from Dr. Johnsoncom. Mr Porden
On Seeing a Mouse Run across the Roadcom. Mrs Porden
Ode to a Pig, while his nose was boringcom. Mr Vignoles

No. 32 (1811-01-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/12

Elegy, on the Death of 1810Miss Porden
Lord Edward, a BalladMr Flaxman
Query, to an Ingenious and Experienced FriendMiss Flaxman
Replycom. Miss Flaxman
French Epitaph and LetterMrs Kay
To MemoryMiss F. Richardson
Cauld KaleMrs Staveley
Description of a ConversazioneMr Vignoles
The Tapstercom. Mr Vignoles
Introduction to a Lady's Poetical Miscellanycom. Miss Beslee

No. 33 (1811-01-30)D8760/F/FEP/5/12

First Attic Meeting in the Year 1811Miss Flaxman
The New YearMrs Richardson
Sonnet from Petrarch, on the Death of LauraMr Vignoles
Cupid Turned Shepherd, from Tasso’s AmyntaMr Vignoles
The Pious Painter, a Catholic Storycom. Mr Vignoles
To the Author of the Stanzas to MemoryMiss Porden
Translation from AlcaeusMr Flaxman
Since Phosphorus was the Name of YoreMiss Porden
Grecian Anecdotescom. Mrs Flaxman
Ornaments of DressMiss Porden
Vox Stellarum concludedMiss Porden
The Sylphiad Canto 1st → Mr Vignoles

No. 34 (1811-02-12)D8760/F/FEP/5/12

SunriseMiss Sanders
Tell Me Sweet One, Tell Me WhyMiss Flaxman
Say Love, What Master Shows Thy Art com. Mr Vignoles
You Ask Me Why with So Much CareMiss Flaxman
To MirandaMiss Porden
Antiques at Pariscom. Mrs F. Mellish
Epigram on the Chinese Astronomers Ho and Hicom. Mr Vignoles
Valentine’s Day AnticipatedMiss Richardson (L.I.F.)
Prose and VerseMrs Staveley (Jess Macfarland)
Charade: Housewifecom. Miss Beslee
The Restoration Cantos 1 and 2 → Miss Porden

No. 35 (1811-02-26)D8760/F/FEP/5/13

The Graces Mr Bond (Ictinus)
To IctinusMiss Porden (Euphrosyne)
To Euphrosyne Mr Bond (Ictinus)
The Pencil and the Pencom. Miss Denman (Pencilina)
The Pen’s RemonstranceMiss Porden (Plumina)
To Pluminacom. Miss Denman (Pencilina)
To Miss Miss Denman
To EllenMrs Flaxman (Titania)
To Titania from EllenMiss Porden
To StellaMiss Flaxman (Moth)
To MothMrs F. and Miss P. (Stella)
To Maria, on the expiration of the mourning Feb 14 1811Miss Porden
The Oyster to His ValentineMr Bond
To Miss M. D.Miss Porden
On a Young Lady’s Thanking the Author for a ValentineMiss Porden
The Linnets, an Elegy for Valentines DayMiss Sanders
The Fiery Element Personifiedcom. Mr Vignoles & Mr Sheridan
The Reply to “Say Love What Master”Miss Porden
The Sylphiad Canto 2nd → Mr Vignoles
The Restoration Canto 3rd → Miss Porden
To Miss F. “Where anything abounds” ?

No. 36 (1811-03-12)D8760/F/FEP/5/13

The Subpoena of the MusesMr Vignoles
The Claim WithdrawnMiss Flaxman
Epistle from a Bakercom. Mr Porden
Acrostic to Eliza Mr Vignoles
Supplication of Timothy Couplet Esq.Miss Flaxman
Attic NomenclatureMiss Flaxman
Address to Poetrycom. Miss Beslee & Mr Verralls
The Restoration Canto 4th, Canto 1st Book 2nd → Miss Porden
Solution of an EnigmaMiss Flaxman
Answer to the Morning HeraldMiss Flaxman
The Rose of EdenMiss Flaxman
Answer to the EnigmaMiss Porden
To the EditorsSarah Richardson

No. 37 (1811-03-26)D8760/F/FEP/5/13

The Lazy Foot → Mrs Richardson
The Protestation → Miss Flaxman
Swallows on their Arrival 1809Miss Porden
Swallows on their Departure 1809Miss Porden
Verses to a Young LadyMr Combe
To the Author of the Acrostic, to ElizaMiss Porden
Song from a Friend to His Wifecom. Mrs Flaxman
To CeliaMiss Porden
A New Pot PourriMiss Richardson (L.I.F.)
ExpectationMiss Sanders
The Cambrian Advertisementcom. Miss Porden
The Restoration Book 2d Canto 2d → Miss Porden

No. 38 (1811-04-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

Vox MusarumMiss Sanders
“When the Cause Has Been Heard”Mr Vignoles
The ProxiesMiss Flaxman
Mercury to MarsMiss Richardson (L.I.F.)
To CeliaMiss Porden
The Fall of HerculesMiss Sanders
The Three SuitorsMiss Porden
The Restoration Book 2d Canto 3d → Miss Porden

No. 39 (1811-04-23)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

The Convictcom. Mr Vignoles
Ode on a College Feast Daycom. Mr Vignoles
To MariaMiss Porden
The ResolveMr Vignoles
The Widowcom. Mr Vignoles
On Hearing the Proxies Read → Miss Porden
Cupid’s BirthdayMiss Porden
Shelton Oakcom. Mr Vignoles
Letter to My Wifecom. Miss Beslee
The Restoration Book 2d Canto 4th → Miss Porden
Enigma to be Solved by the Ladiescom. Miss E. Richardson
Do Not Swear at All(H.)

No. 40 (1811-05-07)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

To MayMiss Porden
Description of a Rivercom. Mrs Flaxman
Mira’s Despaircom. Mr Vignoles
Epitaph on Douglas Duke of Hamilton → Mr Jekyll → com. Mrs Staveley
Graeme of Balgowan, The Hero of Barrosa → com. Mrs Staveley
Most Haste, Worst SpeedMiss Porden
The DreamMiss Flaxman
“The Day Draws Near”Mrs Flaxman
The Sylphiad Canto 3d → Mr Vignoles
Translation from the Greek → Miss Porden
“Believe Me Love” → com. Miss Richardson

No. 41 (1811-05-21)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

From the Greek of OudeisMiss Porden
Believe Me Lovecom. Miss Richardson
To Moth, from StellaMiss Porden
To Stella, from MothMiss Flaxman
Effusions on My Husband’s Birthdaycom. Miss F. Richardson
Charade: Farewell → Lord Palmerston → com. Mrs. S
“If Hope Is to Gild Future Days”Miss Richardson
On the 1st May, Lord Wellington’s Birthdaycom. Mrs Flaxman & Mr Hayley
A Free Translation of One of Buondelmonte’s SonnetsMrs Flaxman
The Mouse and the Oystercom. Mr Vignoles
The Restoration Book 3d Cantos 1st and 2d → Miss Porden

No. 42 (1811-06-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

Sonnet Written in the Favorite Chair of Dean Swiftcom. Miss Beslee
The Author’s Address to His Musecom. Miss F. Richardson
Familiar Epistle to a Daughtercom. Miss Beslee
The Herncom. Mr Porden
To a Lady Distinguished by Her Dutiful Attentioncom. Mr Porden
The Sylphiad Canto 4th → Mr Vignoles
The Restoration Book 3d Cantos 3 and 4 → Miss Porden

No. 43 (1811-06-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

The Morning Was FineMiss Porden
The Captive Lover’s EpistleMiss Flaxman
Days of YoreMiss F. Richardson
Music, Feeling, and PalpitationMr Hinckley
Alamon TippennyMiss F. Richardson
The Sylphiad Canto 5th → Mr Vignoles
The Restoration Book 3d Canto 3 and 4 → Miss Porden

No. 44 (1811-07-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

A Few Rules for Becoming a Popular Writercom. Miss Flaxman
A Nursery SongMr Porden
Verses Written on the Door of a Rustic Templecom. Mr Porden
A Nuptial SongMiss Flaxman
To Anna “Forget Me Not”Miss Flaxman
The Lawyer’s RambleMiss Porden
“Nestling on the Barren Cliffs”Mr Watson
Sonnet to Expressioncom. Mr Vignoles
The Restoration Book 4 Canto 3 → Miss Porden

No. 45 (1811-07-16)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

To Miss PordenMr Vignoles (Amicusa)
“When Stella Waves This Little Wand”Miss Flaxman
“Let Others Sing of Deeds of Arms”Mrs Staveley
“The Norland Lassies’ Lament”Mrs Staveley
“Oft I’ve Implored”Mrs Flaxman (Amica)
“When Ammon’s Mighty Son Arose”Mr Flaxman
“Said Hymen to Cupid”Miss Vardill
To Moth, on Her BirthdayMiss Porden
Au RevoirMiss Flaxman
Blue BeardMiss F. Richardson
“Hail to the Nymph”Mr Kay
Letter Proposing the Decoration of the Attic ChestMrs Kay
Restoration Book 4th Canto 4 → Miss Porden

No. 46 (1812-01-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

To the Attorney of God MarsMr Vignoles
Now Ruddy AutumnMiss Porden
To AmandaMiss Porden (Donald)
To PapiliaMiss Porden (Chrysalis)
Verses on the New YearMr Vignoles
The CometMiss Porden
The Fairest Blossom of the NorthMiss Porden (Orlando)
Alas What TaleMiss Porden
The MeetingMiss Vardill
Letter to the EditorMiss Porden
The First Book of the Restoration → Miss Porden

No. 47 (1812-01-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

The ComplaintMrs Flaxman (A Novitiate)
The Lamentation of the AldermenMiss Porden (Phagophilus)
The Unhappy Soldier’s Last WatchMiss Flaxman
Annie’s BowerMiss Flaxman
To MothMiss Porden (Stella)
To StellaMiss Flaxman (Moth)
From Brighton to LondonMiss Vardill
The Second Book of the Restoration → Miss Porden

No. 48 (1812-02-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

Love and WineMr Hinckley
The Frown and the SmileMiss Vardill (Donald)
The Receipt in FullMiss Flaxman
Yes Once I Met Her Downcast Eyes(J.P.L.)
Wanted ImmediatelyMiss Porden (Miss Brown)
Rondeaucom. Mr Vignoles (Anti-Fisty)
The RemonstranceMiss Thomson
Alterations in the UniformMiss Porden
Letter to the EditorMiss Porden (Alopex)
The Third Book of the Restoration → Miss Porden

No. 49 (1812-02-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

When First by Gentle OuseMiss Vardill (Thief)
To MaryMiss Porden (Amyntor)
Forgive Sweet MaidMiss Porden
A New Song to an Old TuneGovr Franklin
When My Bright Ellencom. Miss Brown
Not in a Lover’s Humble Strainscom. Miss Vardill
To StellaMiss Flaxman (Moth)
Enigmatical ValentineMiss Vardill
ValentineMiss Porden
Answer to the AdvertisementMiss Vardill (A.G.P.)
Answer to the AdvertisementMiss Porden (Alopex)
The Fourth Book of the Restoration → Miss Porden

No. 50 (1812-03-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Account of Mr Bakewell’s first lecture on Geology → Miss Porden
The Exchange of HeartsMiss Porden
The Blighted RosebudMiss Sanders
To Hope → Miss Porden
Answer to the AdvertisementMr Vignoles
Answer to the AdvertisementMiss Porden (Dives)
The Fifth Book of the Restoration → Miss Porden

No. 51 (1812-03-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Account of Mr Bakewell’s second lecture on Geology → Miss Porden
The Mountain MossMiss Sanders (Recluse)
And Exile’s DreamMiss Vardill (A Stranger)
Verses Written for an Albumcom. Miss Flaxman
To MusicMiss Vardill (M.H.F.)
To EborinaMiss Porden (Lothario)
Letter from AlopexMiss Porden
The PictureMiss Sanders (Juliett)
Addressed to a BrotherMiss Sanders (Eliza)
Letter from the Advertizing LadyMiss Porden (Miss Brown)
The Last Book of the Restoration → Miss Porden

No. 52 (1812-04-01)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Account of Mr Bakewell’s third lecture on Geology → Miss Porden
To One of the GracesMiss Vardill
Of Coughs and ColdsMr Hinckley
To Mary → Miss Porden (Alfred)
To EllenMiss Vardill
The Four First Cantos of the Sylphiad → Mr Vignoles

No. 53 (1812-04-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Account of Mr Bakewell’s third lecture on Geology → Miss Porden
Charade: RebellionMr Hinckley
Enigma: A KissMr Hinckley
To Two of the GracesMiss Vardill
To MaryMiss Flaxman
Letter from AlopexMiss Porden
Lines to the West Middlesex Water CompanyMiss Porden
Answer to the AdvertisementMiss Porden (Damon)
The Four Last Cantos of the Sylphiad → Mr Vignoles

No. 54 (1812-04-29)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Geological Notes on the Rock Salt of Cheshire → Mr Porden
Letter from AlopexMiss Porden
What tho’ Soft SlumberMiss Porden
Imitated from the Greekcom. Mr Vignoles
To FriendshipMiss Vardill (Amanda)
Reply to AmandaMiss Porden (Donald)
The Advertising Lady’s InterviewMiss Porden (Miss Brown)
Written with a Crow QuillMiss Vardill
The Remonstrance → Governor Franklin → Miss Vardill
The FarewellMr Elliott

No. 55 (1812-05-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

To the Editor of the Attic ChestMr Elliott
PastoralMr Elliott Serenade and ReplyMiss Porden
To EmmaMiss Porden
To Amanda → Miss Porden → Miss Vardill (Donald)
Account of the InterviewMiss Porden (T.S.)
The Advertising Lady’s RejectionMiss Porden (Miss Brown)
To the Fair AdvertiserMiss Porden
Song from the Advertising LadyMrs Staveley
The First of May Mrs Staveley
To DonaldMiss Vardill (Amanda)

No. 56 (1812-05-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

Letter from Alopex to the EditressMiss Porden
Answer to the Unfortunate SpinsterMiss Porden (Antigynes)
Answer to the Advertisement from Blue EyeMrs Staveley
Letter from the West IndianMiss Vardill
The Blue EyeMiss Porden
Answer from DonaldMiss Porden
Lady FloraMiss Vardill
To Anna on Her BirthdayMiss Porden

No. 57 (1812-06-17)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

The Wishcom. Mr Vignoles
To the ButterflyMiss Flaxman
Amid this Festive SceneMiss Porden
Rules Formed to Promote Regularitycom. Mrs Staveley
Old JoanGovernor FranklinMiss Vardill
AdieuMr Vignoles
To StellaMiss Flaxman
Blessed be the EyeMiss Vardill
Ode for the Concluding NightMr Elliott
Adieu my PatronsMiss Porden
To the Editress(Filiosa)

No. 58 (1813-03-17)D8760/F/FEP/5/19

Letter from Martinus Scriblerus Jr.Miss Vardill
Circular on the Same SubjectMiss Vardill
Address for the Opening of the ChestMiss Vardill (Martinus Scriblerus)
Address “Farewell to Blue Devils”Miss Porden
Address “When Rains Have Ceased”Miss Richardson
The Guardian Spirit’s AddressMiss Porden
Written for the Opening of the A.C.Miss Vardill
On Proud Britannia’s Rocky SeatMiss Vardill
Address, from the Spirit of the Attic Chest → Miss Porden → Miss Vardill
An Address that is not an AddressMiss Flaxman
Anonymous No. 1Mr Vignoles
Letter from Barnaby ScratchMiss Flaxman

No. 59 (1813-03-31)D8760/F/FEP/5/19

Letter from Miss Prudentia QuicksetMiss Flaxman
Do. from Miss Annabella SquibMiss Flaxman
To my WifeMiss Flaxman
A “Cockney Pastoral”Mr Elliott
“When over fair natures’ face”(W. Wordsworth)
Rokeby, a new comic operaMiss Vardill
Ode to TyrannyMr Elliott
The Pen’s AddressMiss Vardill
Recluse to Miss P.Miss Sanders
Valentine to EborinaMiss Porden (Orlando)

No. 60 (1813-04-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Letter from Miss Rebecca NettletopMrs Flaxman
Letter from Miss Annabella SquibMiss Flaxman
Gallus to the Society of VestalsMr Vignoles
Capias Latitat to Miss Prudentia Quickset do.Miss Porden
Allcourt Anyside to the Associated Spinsters do.Governor Franklin
Croesus Custody to the EditressMr Elliott
Fredrick Ledger Scamper do.Mr Elliott
Enigma → Miss Vardill
To my HusbandMiss Vardill
RemorseMiss Vardill
Rebuscom. Miss Flaxman (Sphinx)
To Miss PordenMrs Richardson (S.R.)
For the Album of a FriendMiss Sanders (Recluse)
The Distressed Travellercom. Miss F. Richardson

No. 61 (1813-04-28)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Lady Belle Bluemantle to the EditorMiss Vardill
Kitty Maltraves to the Head EaterMiss Flaxman
Christopher Circuit to Tabby HallMr Vignoles
Letter from the Fair AdvertiserMiss Porden
Atticus Scriblerus to the EditressMr Elliott
Mr Scriblerus ProposalMr Elliott
Mr Scriblerus CardMr Elliott
Laura to Celia Epistle No. 1Miss Porden
Celia to Laura Epistle No. 2Miss Flaxman
Anonymous No. 2Mr Vignoles
A Moral TaleMiss Vardill
The History of the GarterMiss Porden

No. 62 (1813-05-12)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Letter from Diana Dainty to the EditorMrs Rough
Do. from Michael MitreMr Flaxman
Do. from Barnaby ScratchMiss Vardill
The FarewellMiss Vardill
Farewell to Malta → Lord Byron → com. Miss C. Richardson
Laura to Celia Epistle No. 3Miss Porden
Official DinnerMr Kay
Mr Atticus Scriblerus to the EditressMr Elliott
His Proposal and Specimen of Pleasures of SentimentMr Elliott
Do. Do. The Conquest of the Spice IslandsMr Elliott
An ex-Members LamentationMiss Vardill (Atticus Scriblerus)
“Again Sweet Spring Delights”Miss Porden (Philemon)
The History of the Garter Parts 3 and 4Miss Porden

No. 63 (1813-05-26)D8760/F/FEP/5/21

Lines sent to a Ladycom. Miss Beslee
“Yes while Youth and Health are mine”Miss Porden
An Antient Fragment found in a Skeleton CaseMiss Vardill
Celia to Laura Epistle No. 4Miss Flaxman
Lines to a Young FriendMiss Richardson
Do. spoken extemporecom. Miss Beslee
Jeffrey Julep to the EditorMiss Vardill
SpringMr Elliott
JusticeMr Elliott (Atticus Scriblerus)
The Grotcom. Mrs Flaxman

No. 64 (1813-06-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/21

Kitty Maltravers to the EditorMiss Vardill
Mr Julep’s MemorandumsMiss Vardill
Fragment Found in the HermitageMiss Vardill
Dr Cardamom to the EditorMiss Vardill
Anonymous No. 3Mr Vignoles
Letter from ElectromagusMiss Porden
The Art of DrivingMr Elliott
The Menagerie of the Gods ?
How d’ye DoMiss Richardson
Gobletcom. Mr Elliott
The Night before the BattleMiss Vardill
To ElizaMiss Porden
Lines Composed on a Mail Coachcom. Miss Beslee
Anacreonticcom. Mr Porden

No. 65 (1813-06-23)D8760/F/FEP/5/22

Kitty Maltravers to the EditorMiss Vardill
Letter from Lady Belle BluemantleMiss Vardill
The Dissolution Pt 1stMiss Porden (Euphrosyne)
Atticus Scriblerus to EditorMr Elliott
Specimen of Art of CookingMr Elliott
Lysander to HermiaMiss Flaxman
“Dash from Thy Lip”Miss Richardson
Song for a Festive OccasionMiss Vardill
The Boulangercom. Mr E. Elliott
LibertyMr Elliott
Critical Trialogue → ?

No. 66 (1813-07-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/22

Michael Mitre to the EditorMr Flaxman & Miss Vardill
Kitty Maltravers to the HeadeaterMiss Flaxman
The DissolutionMiss Porden
The Invisible CapMiss Vardill
Song Written in 1773Mr Porden
Epistlecom. Miss Beslee
Lines to Miss PordenMiss F. Richardson
Letter to the EditorMr Elliott
The RecantationMr Elliott
The RendezvousMiss Vardill
Romaic FragmentMr Flaxman
The Attic Chest’s Farewell AddressMiss Porden
Letter from Affezionatissima to EditressMrs Kay

No. 67 (1814-02-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/23

Pseudo Editorial RemarksMiss Flaxman
Advertisement for an Attic Chest Poet LaureateMiss Flaxman
Probationary Ode “A Song of Sixpence”Miss Flaxman (Jenny Wren)
〃 signed M.S. JuniorMiss Porden
〃 signed MothMiss Porden
〃 Introduction to an OdeMiss Flaxman (Fudge)
〃 Ode signed Atticus ScriblerusMiss Porden
The Three Things a Good Husband ought to be etc. → Miss J. Cobb → com. Mrs Richardson
Letter from Electromagus to the EditorMiss Porden
〃 from Atticus Scriblerus JuniorMr Elliott
〃 from Sir Pertinax Townly → Miss Porden → Miss Vardill
The HermitageMiss Vardill
The First Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
First Lecture on Natural History → Miss Porden

No. 68 (1814-03-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/24

Probationary Ode signed Poeticus AspiranoMr Elliott
Reply to Anacreon’s 8th OdeMiss Vardill
Baithus to EpicurusMr Porden
Letter from Sir Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Letter from Mr BeauclercMiss Vardill
Fragment of an OddMiss Vardill
Letter from ElectromagusMiss Porden
To Allen signed Margaret 1Miss Flaxman
To Margaret signed AllenMiss Flaxman
To Allen signed Margaret 2Miss Flaxman
Exordium of the Pleasures of PoesyMr Elliott
The 2d Lecture on Natural History → Miss Porden

No. 69 (1814-12-07)D8760/F/FEP/5/25

Address from the Spirit of the Attic ChestMiss Porden
The Elfin Harp → Miss Flaxman → Miss Vardill
Address to the Spirit of Attic NightsMiss Vardill (Aulus Gellius)
Hermes CaduceusMiss Vardill
Traveller of the Summer NightMiss Flaxman (Gossipia)
Address of Atticus ScriblerusMr Elliott
On the Visit of Lord AircastleMiss Porden (Pertinax Townly)
Ode on Lord A.’s visit → Mr Elliott
〃 by Olivia GossamerMiss Vardill
〃 by Miss StormontMiss Vardill
Letter from ElectomagusMiss Porden
The 2d Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
The 3d Lecture on Natural History → Miss Porden

No. 70 (1814-12-21)D8760/F/FEP/5/26

St Thomas’ DayMiss Porden
Letter to the EditorMr Elliott
A Kit Cat OdeMr Elliott
Memoirs of a RidiculeMiss F. Richardson
Lines from EnsignMiss Flaxman
The Third Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
Sir P. TownlyMiss Vardill
An AttemptMiss Vardill
Electromagus to the EditorMiss Porden
Atticus ScriblerusMr Elliott
The Skull and the Custom House OfficerMiss Porden (Philemon)
The 4th Lecture on Natural History → Miss Porden

No. 71 (1815-02-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/27

The Lovers Calendar for 1815 → Miss Flaxman → Miss Vardill
A Fairy’s SongMiss Vardill
Mr BeauclercMiss Vardill
Sir P. Townly → Miss Porden
Sir P. TownlyMiss Vardill
Philemon to Olivia → Miss Vardill → Miss Flaxman
Orosmane à ZaireMiss Porden
Zaire à OrosmaneMr Elliott
Parodycom. Miss Flaxman
RidiculeMiss Vardill
The Sonnetteer No. 1Mr Elliott
The 4th Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
New EpistleMiss Vardill
Music to the Fairy’s SongMiss Vardill
The 5th Lecture on Natural History → Miss Porden

No. 72 (1815-03-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/28

Letter from ElectromagusMiss Porden
Letter from Sir Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Le Coeur FidelMiss Flaxman (T.H.)
Translation AttemptedMiss Richardson (S.P. Jr)
Address from Philemon BeauclercMiss Vardill
To OliviaMiss Vardill
The Glass of GrogMr Elliott
The Philosopher at the FairMiss Porden
The Lunatics: a Drama in Three Acts → Miss Vardill, Mr Elliott, Miss Porden

No. 73 (1815-03-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/29

Translation of a Hebrew ValentineMiss Vardill (Erminia)
A Substitute for NonsenseMiss Flaxman
A Hebrew ValentineMiss Vardill
Translation from the HebrewMiss Flaxman (Jessica)
A Hebrew Song ParaphrasedMiss Vardill
Translation by Rachel PerieraMiss Vardill
Letter from ElectromagusMiss Porden
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
The Patroncom. Mrs Staveley
A Lesson for LoversMiss Vardill
The Fifth Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
Lady Olivia Gossamer’s Prize EssayMiss Vardill

No. 74 (1815-12-06)D8760/F/FEP/5/30

“The Phoenix sent Cards”Miss Vardill
Acrostic to a young LadySir J. Barrington
Gormo to StellaMiss Flaxman
The Chevalier RuspiniMessrs Elliotts
Vale, by Mr Freemantlecom. Mrs Richardson
Letter from Sir Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
“When Norway’s Monarch knelt to gain”Miss Vardill
Electromagus on HeatMiss Porden
Estrella: Mr Beauclerc’s Prize EssayMiss Porden
Letter from Prosai PoeticoMiss Vardill
The 6th Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
Advertisement of the Hermits for the 7th BrotherMiss Vardill
Song: For Master DoctoureMr Porden (when tipsy)

No. 75 (1815-12-20)D8760/F/FEP/5/30

Address. Ex parte Pocket HandkerchiefMiss Vardill
Riddle: GlassMiss Porden
Ditto: ChrysalisMiss Porden
Lines spoken in the character of Mr CouttsMr Impey com. Mrs Richardson
Words for Modinha No. 1Mr Elliott
Electromagus on lightMiss Porden
Sir P. Townly: The Summer HouseMiss Porden
Sir P. Townly: The Flowers are Bright on Hill and DaleMiss Porden
Mr Beauclerc to the EditorMiss Vardill
Balance of Opinions on WomenMiss Vardill
Plan for a LotteryMiss Vardill
The 7th Brother’s TaleMiss Vardill
Closing Address from the HermitageMiss Vardill
A Christmas Carol to Mince PiesElliott & Co. Pimlico
The Voltaic BatteryMiss Porden

No. 76 (1816-01-30)D8760/F/FEP/5/31

The Lily of the ValleyMr Flaxman
The Muse’s ReproofMr Flaxman
The Poet Quarrels with His MuseMr Flaxman
The Escape and Capture of Dapple (The Truant Donkey)Mr E. Elliott
Electromagus on ElectricityMiss Porden
Letter from Pertinax Townly → Miss Porden → Miss Vardill
First Chapter of a NovelMiss Vardill
Biorno: a Ballad RomanceMr Elliott
The Two Herveys → Mr J. Smith → com. Mrs Richardson
Address of Winter to TimourMiss Porden
Love in AprilMiss Vardill
DarcyMr Elliott

No. 77 (1816-02-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/31

Contemplationcom. Mrs Flaxman
English Words for Modinhas No. 2Mr E. Elliott
Lottery Announcement ?
To EllenMrs Flaxman
To Miss Mary Anne KingMiss Porden
To MariaMiss Porden
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Letter from Peregrine ProjectMr Elliott
Sketch of the PlanMr Elliott
Letter from Peregrine ProjectMiss Vardill
The WreathMiss Vardill
The Gamut of FacesMiss Vardill

No. 78 (1816-02-28)D8760/F/FEP/5/32

Essay on ScienceMr Elliott
To ZaraMiss Porden
ValentineMiss Porden
Answer to the WreathMiss Vardill
The Leyden JarMiss Porden
Acrostic to Miss Porden on Her Poemcom. Miss Vardill
Letter from Prosai-PoeticoMiss Vardill
Documents from Prosai-Poetico ?
Letter from Pertinax Townly ?
Anonymous Letter ?
The Spanish ArmadaMr Elliott
Four Nations: The SaxonMiss Vardill

No. 79 (1816-03-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/32

L’Acerbo No. 1Miss Porden
The EnglishmanMr Elliott
Four Nations: The SwedeMiss Vardill
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Letter from Atticus ScriblerusMiss Vardill
English Words for Modinhas No. 3Mr E. Elliott
The Fairies’ IsleMiss Porden
Laila: An Arabian TaleMiss Porden

No. 80 (1816-03-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/33

L’Acerbo No. 2Miss Porden
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Vardill
On SnuffMrs J. Cobb
Emma: A BalladMiss Porden
To CeliaMr Elliott (Hippolytus)
Four Nations: The JewMiss Vardill
The AëronautiadMr Elliott (Mrs Bustleton)
Khatoon: A Persian TaleMiss Porden

No. 81 (1816-04-24)D8760/F/FEP/5/33

L’Acerbo No. 3Miss Porden
Letter with Sir Gilbert’s HeiressMiss Vardill
A Parting SongMr Hayley
Answer to the Sonnet by Dr Gregor ?
Farewell to HenriettaMiss Porden
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Letter and Poem from Betty BrushMr E. Elliott
Komalda: An Indian TaleMiss Porden
Omnia vincit Honor! → com. Mrs Phillips

No. 82 (1816-05-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/34

Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Letter from Philemon BeauclercMiss Vardill
Letter from ElectromagusMiss Porden
Letter from Atticus ScriblerusMr Elliott
Address of the BridegroomsMiss Vardill
Letter and Poem from MopseyMr Elliott
The Spectre’s IsleMiss Vardill
Edwin and AngelinaMiss Vardill (Mrs Brush)
Telasco: An American TaleMiss Porden

No. 83 (1816-05-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/34

WaterlooMr Elliott
To Miss Porden ?
Humorous Fragmentscom. Miss Flaxman
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Porden
Memorial to a Favorite DogMiss Flaxman
Charade: RebellionMr Hinckley
Two Poems from an Editor ?
Kuban Khan: A Tartarian TaleMiss Porden

No. 84 (1816-06-05)D8760/F/FEP/5/35

To EAP on Her BirthdayMiss Vardill (Chronos)
Sales by AuctionMiss Vardill
Letter from Pertinax TownlyMiss Vardill
An Attic Bard to His BrideMiss Vardill
Fourth Day’s SaleMiss Vardill
A Translation from the PersianMiss Vardill
GleaningsMiss Vardill
A Morean TaleMr Elliott
Charade: TyrantMiss Porden
Sonnet to a Tea KettleMiss Vardill (Miss Stormont)

No. 85 (1816-07-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/35

Sweet Hope ?
A Felpham SongMr Hayley
The Reading BakerMiss Porden
From Prosai-Poetico to BeauclercMiss Vardill
The Thirteenth of JuneMiss Vardill
A Curious Experiment → Belfast News Letter
Ellen’s EulogyMrs Richardson

No. 86D8760/F/FEP/5/36


A List of Contributions read from the Attic Chest from Febry 22d 1814 to July 15th 1816 including the 6th, 7th and 8th Seasons

Mr Flaxman 3
Mrs Flaxman 3
Miss Flaxman 19
Miss Vardill 67
Mr Porden 2
Miss Porden 77
Mr Elliott 33
Mr E. Elliott 5
Mrs Richardson 5
Miss Richardson 2
Sir J. Barrington 2
Mrs Phillips 1
Mrs Staveley 1
Mr Hayley 2
Miss M. A. Kay 1
Mr Hinckley 1
No. 87 (1817-03-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/37

To A.F. Since Tenderness to Age belongsMr Hayley com. Mrs Flaxman
Advertisement for a Lost MuseMr Elliott
Valentine with a Repeating WatchMiss Vardill
The New Coin of ParnassusMiss Vardill
Verses by Dr Brande in 1802com. Miss Kramer
Valentine to Drawing → Miss and Master Kay
Archibald McLeasing to his publisherMiss Porden
Letter from France: Lavinia to ElizaMiss Porden
The 1st Act of the Novice of St BenedictMiss Vardill
The 1st Act of Allah ul Din → com. Mr Porden
Jeremy Granger to LucyMr Porden

No. 88 (1817-03-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/37

The Lost MuseMiss Vardill
Answer to the Advertisement from Atticus ScriblerusMiss Porden
Lady Byron’s Answer to “Fare thee well”com. Miss Thomson
Lavinia to Eliza Letter 2Miss Porden
The Milk Maid ?
Continuation of Allah ul Din → com. Mr Porden
Comte Leandre to the Editress → Mr Elliott
Lines with a PurseMiss Appleton (Phytho)
Vive l’Amour by Do.Mr Elliott
Money ?
The Waterloo Button → Miss Vardill
Specimen of a New Official Stylecom. Mr Elliott
The Fete in the SunMiss Porden

No. 89 (1817-04-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/38

The Festival of NauruzMiss Vardill
Enigma: The Letter H → Miss Fanshaw → com. Mrs Richardson
Lines for a Lady’s Jewel BoxMiss Flaxman
Lines in the Character of Lorenzo di Medici → Mr Hayley → com. Mrs Flaxman
Lavinia to Eliza Letter 3Miss Porden
Part of Allah ul Din → com. Mr Porden
Rectius Vives of Horace by Dr Brandecom. Miss Kramer
Persian Verses from SadiMiss Vardill
Translation of Vive l’Amour → Miss Porden → Miss Vardill (Ignoramus Bibo)
The Norman CapMr Johnson
Petition of Aaron HarebrainsMiss Appleton
Epistle from Monsieur LeonMr E. Elliott
Rosamond’s Chest → Mr Bayler → com. Miss Vardill

No. 90 (1817-04-29)D8760/F/FEP/5/38

Mr Solve-Query’s Papyrostatic ExperimentMiss Appleton
On Captain Harvey of Battlecom. Mrs Flaxman
A Muse FoundMiss Vardill
500 LinesMiss Vardill
Part of Allah ul Din → com. Mr Porden
Lavinia to Eliza Letter 4Miss Porden and Mr Elliott
Praise of the Literary Fund ?
Impromptu with the pen of a ladyMr Elliott
Comte Leandre à L’EditresseMr Elliott
The Progress of SculptureMiss Appleton
The Power of LoveMr Elliott
Chanson à BoireMr Elliott

No. 91 (1817-05-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/39

Mr Buckskin to the EditorMr Elliott
The Tyger → Mr Blake → com. Mrs Flaxman
The Chimney Sweepers song on the 1st May → Mr Blake → com. Mrs Flaxman
A Lovers Song, translated by Anacreon LovelornMiss Porden
Vive CaféMiss Appleton
Lavinia to Eliza Letter 5Miss Porden
An Arabian AnecdoteMiss Porden
The Progress of Sculpture ContinuedMiss Appleton
The Novice of St Benedict ConcludedMiss Vardill

No. 92 (1817-05-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/39

Epitaph on a Hermit, signed Quizcom. Miss Appleton
Speak English Pray!Miss Vardill
John Bull to the EditorMiss Porden
A Decima par Blondel with a ChorusMiss Porden
Part of Allah Ul Dien → com. Mr Porden
Lavinia to Eliza Letter 6Miss Porden
The Quest of the MuseMiss Porden
Atticus Scriblerus to OliviaMiss Vardill
King Edward and Fair AgnesMiss Vardill
Acrostic on the Death of a Beloved Child ?

No. 93 (1817-06-10)D8760/F/FEP/5/40

Cram to the EditorMiss Appleton
The pas troisMiss Vardill
Omara an Eastern TaleMiss Appleton
Farewell ye scenes of past delightcom. Miss Denman
Adieu charmantes Bergerescom. Mrs Flaxman
Atticus to RodelindaMiss Vardill
Allah Ul Dien Concluded → com. Mr Porden
Lavinia to Eliza Letter 7Miss Porden
The Quest of the MuseMr Elliott
The Quest of the Muse continued signed ERMiss Porden
Lines sent with 2 baskets of fruit ?

No. 94 (1818-05-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/41

Honesty’s PromotionMiss Vardill
The Family Circle No. 1Mrs Richardson
Dr Brewster to Ellen with his KaleidoscopeMiss Vardill
Count Leandre to the EditressMr Elliott
The Count’s Adventures at CalaisMiss Porden
Euphrosyne to PomonaMiss Porden
Pomona to EuphrosyneMiss Appleton
Valentine to a Young Lady(Ouranos)
RiddleMiss Porden
To the Authoress of the Arctic ExpeditionsMiss Vardill
Fragment de la Grande Histoire des GeniesMr Halma
Count Leandre à IrisMr Elliott
The Wren a Manx LegendMiss Porden

No. 95 (1818-06-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/41

To a Lady with some Lille ThreadMiss Appleton
The Quest of the Muse Canto 128Mr Elliott
The Canal to the Brook → Mrs Kelly Davis → Miss Vardill
The Cairngorm DiamondMiss Vardill
The Family Circle No. 2 Mrs Richardson
Count Leandre to the Editress ?
A Dream, to the Editor of the Attic ChestMiss Appleton
Hassan a Tale → Miss Porden
Count Leandre with some Greekcom. Miss Vardill & Mrs Flaxman