Wanted Immediately

Miss Brown

For a Lady on the verge of her grand climacteric six and thirty, a partner for life. He must be of elegant manners and middling size, neither tall as the gigantic race of Brodbdingnag nor diminutive as the microscopic inhabitants of Lilliput. His face must be such as will pass in a crowd without exciting either admiration or disgust. A beau rather than a sloven. Must possess a good taste in female dress but prefer Attic simplicity to French frippery. He must be fond of domestic happiness, generous without extravagance, and splendid without ostentation, a foe to pride. Of general information but not pedantic. Accustomed to read aloud and not too fond of Bacchus. A passionate admirer of music and a good performer in either the violin or flute, tho’ not a professor. Fond of exerting his talents for the amusement and information of those dear to him. If blest with the vocal powers of Orpheus, the better in case the Lady should first pay the debt of nature. A competency will be expected if a carriage the more agreeable. To avoid trouble the Lady is low, slender, and she believes engaging. Hazel eyes, flaxen hair, and mouth always adorned with the smile of tenderness and a voice whose melting accents sink into the soul. She is not penniless in wit, wealth, or worth.

N.B. by a friend of the advertizer. If the gentleman has a hard head the better, as the Lady is a descendant of the Wife of Socrates.

Letters P.P. will be attended to directed to AZ at the Attic Chest.