To Stella

Miss Flaxman

Alas! in vain my Stella sings
The power of my “Emerald Wings”.
Those “Emerald Wings” are changed to lead,
The spirit of thy Moth is fled,
No more on wanton pinions gay
I flutter in the noontide ray
Or hover with a fond delight
Around the taper’s treacherous light.

Say not that “Magic’s reign is o’er,”
Its power I even now deplore;
By some enchantment’s spell I’m bound
And vainly strive to quit the ground.
Oh bid my charmed senses wake;
Teach me the potent spell to break.
For dullness claims me for her own
And chains me to her icy throne.
Break thou my bonds and set me free
I fain would take my flight with thee.
 And shouldst thou Stella feel inclined
 To mount upon the clouds or wind
 Oh stop! and take me up behind!