Translation by Rachel Periera

Miss Vardill


I have taken manifold pains to decipher the fragment sent thee by Pertinax Townly (whom I have grievous reason to know) and falsely ascribed to our Rabi Jacob Rodriguez Moreira, who never published any book in Portugal except our Kehilath or Vocabulary. With the help of my daughter Rachel I send thee a true version of this forgery which is full of vowels unknown to our pure and ancient tongue, and I ask no payment except a direction to Positive House, having sundry unredeemed securities in my hands. I shall be glad to serve thee in my way if thou hast any business at the Exchange for

Thy servant to command

Moses Gomez Pereira
Stock Broker, Duke’s Place

12th of the Month Nisam. A:M: 5819

The Translation

If Bishop Valentine has sway
St Nicholas should have his day — 
Since hi, as grave Italians swear,
Takes of peculiar witlings care,
And blesses those who would not ill
Befit his name’s last syllable,
Him, by his ancient name I tax
To find a bride for Pertinax

Done into English by Rachel Pereira

To the Attic Synagogue