Stanzas on Terror and Pity

Communicated by Mr Vignoles

The following Stanzas upon Terror and Pity are taken from a small quarto pamphlet published about 60 or 70 years ago since entitled: “Melpomene; or the Regions of Terror and Pity” in which the poet speaking in the first person describes the various images exciting terror or pity —

A Rambler

The first extracts are taken from the part entitled


(Caused by Anger)

Ha! what is he whose fierce indignant eye,
 Denouncing vengeance, kindles into flame?
Whose boisterous fury blows a storm so high,
 As with its thunder shakes his labouring frame.
  What can such rage provoke?
  His words their passage choke:
 His eager steps, nor time nor truce allow,
And dreadful dangers wait the menace of his brow.

(and Jealousy)

Before my wondering sense new phantoms dance,
 And stamp their horrid shapes upon my brain —
A wretch with jealous brow, and eyes askance,
 Feeds all in secret on his bosom pain.
  Fond love, fierce hate, assail;
  Alternate they prevail:
 While conscious pride and shame with rage conspire,
And urge the latent spark to flames of torturing fire


(Caused by Another’s Grief)

Behold that beauteous maid! her languid head
Bends like a drooping lily charg’d with rain
With floods of tears she bathes a lover dead
 In brave assertion of her honour slain
  Her bosom heaves with sighs
  To heaven she lifts her eyes
 With grief beyond the power of words expressed
Smiles on the lifeless corse and dies upon his breast.