Lines for a Jewel Box

Miss Flaxman

Lines written in the drawers of a lady’s cabinet to hold jewels, presented her by a young friend.

No. 1

The golden Chain not firmer links impart
Than Friendship fixes on the grateful heart.

No. 2

The sparkling Diamond not more fire displays
Than Anna’s Wit, that to the ear conveys
Instruction which ne’er pleases less
Array’d in Gaiety’s enchanting dress.

No. 3

Dear Lady, in the Pearl you’ll find
The semblance of the Giver’s mind
Fair emblem of unsullied truth
Of Innocence, of guileless Youth

The Ring Drawer

Lady! may your days be found
Emblems of the eternal round,
Still unbroken, undefaced,
But frequent by some gem be graced,
The varying Opal, or the Brilliant rare,
The classic Pegasus, that soars in air;
The Victory, that speaks your power
O’er him, who in a happy hour
Claim’d your not unwilling hand,
That Ring, the Chief o’er all the rest
Most powerful, most loved, and best!

The Lost Muse