The Blue Eye

Miss Porden

After the visit of some of our Attic belles, it was my good fortune to find the enclosed on the staircase and have taken the liberty of sending you a copy of it, as it appears to me to be the song about which so much fruitless enquiry has been made.

I am sir with much respect

Your obedient servant

A contributor

Oh sweet are Damon’s vows to hear,
 And soft is Strephon’s sigh;
But sweeter to his Anne dear,
 Her William’s bright blue eye.

Tho’ Colin’s eye of hazel hue,
 May keener rays supply;
More softly beams the eye of Blue,
 My William’s own blue eye.

Then William, while we still are true
 Let all their malice try,
Still let my looks enrapture you
 As me they bright blue eye.