The Fairy’s Wish

Communicated by Mrs Flaxman

Lately come from fairy land
To a world unknown to me —
Leaving fancy’s fairy band,
Leaving skyborn liberty,
Leaving all — ’tis thee I seek
Ellen, pride of maidens fair!
Hear me while I whisp’ring speak
Gentle love’s propitious prayer:

May thy morn of life be past
Fragrant as the month of May,
Every year be like the last
Happy healthfull sportive gay,
May the laughter loving dame
Teach to charm and reach to please,
And Minerva’s sacred flame
Learning add, to polish’d ease;
May thy heart to pity prone
Sweetly soothing others’ woes,
Still reserve for one alone
All that love and truth bestows:

This thy life to virtue true
Long an even course shall run,
And content with roseate hue
Softly tinge thy setting sun,
Tinge thy sun with golden rays,
When ev’ning’s life is ebbing fast,
Glowing hopes of future days,
Sweet reflexions on the past.