Fourth Day’s Sale

Miss Vardill

Fourth Day’s Sale, May 21st

250 A fine Roman Coin in large Brass, Caracell very rare
251 One struck at Tyre, a Palm Tree and Shell Fish, well preserved Unsold
252 The Brass Kettle thrown by Mrs de Castro at her Husband’s Ghost. Bot. by Mrs Bustleton’s order for £11 12s 2½d
253 The First Skewer work in a Lady’s Bodice in England. Bot. by the Antiquarian Society £36 0s 0d
254 A Cobweb brought from King Pepin’s Palace. Bot. by Ditto £100 0s 0d
255 Hugo Grottius’s wig found petrified in an Excavation near Serjeants’ Inn. Bot. by Counsellor Anyside 5s 0d
256 A Black Letter Copy of Tom Thumb’s History, with Annotations & Emendations. Knock’d down to Mr Ritson but claimed by Mr Pinkerton for £10 15s 0d
257 A Mechanical Dog for a Lady’s Fireside invented by Lord Aircastle
258 A Cat (companion to the above) Bot. by Barnaby Scratch for Tabby Hall £5 0s 0d
256 A Plan to take likenesses by maps of the Longitude and Latitude of Faces
A ABC printed by Costar of Haarlem will be given with this lot. (Both bot. for Ld. A.)
257 A Silk Cloak & Glass Clogs to repel Electric Fluid in a Thunderstorm. Bot. by Professor Blinkensop £39 5s 0d
258 A Handmill containing 250 Political Plans to be whirled around & transposed at Pleasure till perfect. Bot. by an ex-Minister for £2 0s 0d
259 The GRAND VOLTAIC BATTERY invented by Professor Electromagus to excite dormant ideas & stimulate deficient Brains. Bought by a Workman for Paternoster Row for Messrs L & Co. £800 0s 0d
251 A Carpet highly electrified Plus, designed for the Ballroom at Aircastle. Bot. by the Opera Ballet Master for £6 6s 0d
252 A superb set of Magnetic Plates with burnished Steel Knives & Forks. Bought for the London Tavern £26 10s 0d
253 A Head-dress of spun glass worn by Electromagus’s Pupils to prevent the Electric Fluid’s escape from their Brains. Bot. by the Editors of the E.R. £8 15s 0d
254 A Metallic Pen used as a Conductor. Bot. by a member of the Attic Society £1 1s 0d
255 A Vase of Zinc & Silver to neutralize Wine. Bot. by the Vintner’s Company £13 10s 0d
266 A Bottle of Carbonic acid gas. Bot. by a Physician for an Hypochondriac patient 8s 0d