To Stella

Miss Flaxman

A small pocket volume, dear Girl from the fair
Whose contents may be useful, tho’ not very rare,
Should ever reviewer turn over its leaves,
I would venture a wager, his praise it receives.
He might say, “We’re well pleased this bookling to mention,
We praise it for neatness of style, and intention,
The author’s anonymous, yet we engage
That polish, and point, are in every page.
It is prudent, however, his name to conceal
As to all must be obvious, his liking to steel (or steal)
But nevertheless his pretensions are these
To attract, to unite, to amend, and to please,
And one small hint more, which some belles may think shocking,
There are things in this book, which might mend a Blue Stocking!”


Ham Common
Fair Day


And now little book I shall make up my packet
Of compass just meet for the poche of a jacket.
Then direct it to “Stella”, the maiden who uses
By turns, the bright needle and pen of the Muses.
When learning to usefulness gracefully bends
The Muse and Minerva are excellent friends.