To Her I Love

Communicated by Miss Richardson


Soon, too soon will come the day
When I must hasten far away
 And bid to thee adieu, Love;
But I will ne’er till mem’ry cease
Forget thou set’st my heart at ease
 And told’st me thou wert true, Love


I’ll never forget thy tender sighs,
The tears that started from thine eyes,
The throbbings of thy heart, Love;
 The soft, the sweet seducing smile
That mantled on thy cheeks the while
 Thou said’st “We’l never part, Love.”


But dearest, when I’m far away
Wilt thou one anxious wish betray
 To call me back again, Love?
Oh yes! I know thou’s keenly feel
But wilt thy cherish’d woes conceal
 Nor tell the world thy pain, Love.