To Moth

Mrs Flaxman & Miss Porden

Oh that my dearest Moth could know
 The bounds of Stella’s love
Her jealousies she would forego
 If Stella chanced to rove.

But dearest Moth forgets, ’tis plain
 How lately she was seen
Flitting thro’ Richmond’s pleasant lane
 And over Richmond Green.

For Stella knew her Moth so sly
 Was going to take a flight
She therefore mounted to the sky
 Among her kindred bright.

Close by the moon her station lay
 With Phoebus she was vying
To make the night shine clear as day
 While pretty Moth was flying.

For Moth is still her Stella’s care
 Whether in Earth or sky,
Above she lights her as a star
 On Earth, as brilliant fly.

And thus she’ll guide her Moth from harm
 With all her powers of sights
’Gainst every evil find a charm