Miss Sanders

Now the mountain’s tow’ring steep
In ev’ning twilight fades away,
And anxious hope her vigils keep
Where Zama marks the closing day.

Along the wide extensive main
That bounds the turret walls so high
Her wandering eye is stretched again
Some distant white sail to descry.

For oft had disappointment’s tear
Bedew’d affection’s pallid cheek,
At length the distant sails appear
And nearer waves the vessel breaks.

Yet ah not doomed to anchor there
Tis gone! and leaves no trace behind
Save where the moonbeam points out where
The bliss of hope illum’d her mind.

As Zama watch’d the glitt’ring mast
And fondly hop’d the vessel bore
All that might recompense the past
And her loved absent lord restore.

Again a distant speck appears,
And Zama is deceived no more
The hero lives to chase her fears
To say “We meet to part no more.”