Le Coeur Fidel

Miss Flaxman

Good sage Philemon thou hast read
Huge tomes in languages call’d dead,
And therefore ’tis, you overlook
A little modern English book;
I’ve seen it too, methinks engage
Thine eye to note the title page.
Come, curiosity consents,
Now scan the Table of Contents.
Chapter the first is, Blindman’s Bluff
I hear you say “Sad childish stuff!”
Patience good Beauclerc, and be wise,
Chapter the 2nd “Love’s Disguise.”
Chapter the 3rd “The Lady Caught”
Chapter the 4th “The Teacher Taught”
Chapter the 5th “Explanation”
And Chapter 6th “Love’s Destination.”
Philemon, read the bagatelle,
Its title is “Le Coeur Fidel!”
A pretty title, yes and true
And dedicated Sis to you

by the Translator
Feby 14 1815