On Hearing an Amiable Young Lady

Mr Joseph

Written on hearing an amiable young lady who sang with taste & feeling but who wanted strength of voice.

When Sappho — fair enthusiast! sung
  To Lesbian youth their groves among
Rapt with her theme she swept the lyre
  And fann’d each bosoms latent fire.

Her hurried hand wild love impell’d
  Her voice tumultuous passion swell’d
Each thrilling pulse new measures beat
  And exil’d reason fled her seat.

But list’ning to thy milder strains
  No madd’ning tides distend the veins
Thy lips no opiate sounds dispense
  To lull or steal the prostrate sense.

Ah no! a nobler task is thine
  In giving song its first design
With music’s pow’r to join thine own
  And charm our reason on her throne.