Song from the Advertising Lady

Mrs Staveley

To the true object of her hopes and wishes

O! come awa, come awa,
Come awa to me Willie!
Gin ye’re inclin’d to speak ye’re mind
Ye’ll find a match in me Willie

O luze me on ye’re saft blue ee
It often luiks on me Willie!
Ilk kindly glance gars my heart dance
When fondly fix’d on me Willie

A’ither suitors I’ll despise
Gif ye but fancy me Willie
Ye’re ee! now on my bosom lies
Ye’re ee! in effigie Willie

Oh could that ee but see my heart
It then wad till to ye Willie
What gars me blush while I impart
How great my love for ye Willie.

No long since syne I’gan to pine
Nae man seem’d made for me Willie
But a’ my care is blown to air
Sweet hope now smiles on me Willie.

Then Willie! Willie! come awa
Nae time to lose ha we Willie
I sit and sigh — nae heart ha’ I
It’s flown awa to ye Willie.