Valentine to a Young Lady

Valentine to a Young Lady very studious in Astronomy, from Ouranos

From yonder fields of azure hue
When summer skies are bright & clear
Ouranos turns his eager view
To gaze upon your kindred sphere

Then, fixed upon the dark blue heaven
Those eyes that mock their tint I see,
And think, that then thy thoughts are given
Per chance mid other worlds to me.

Yet fate has fixed my gloomy lot
Far from your smiles, and light, and love,
And I to you am but a spot
Your Heaven’s last confines doom’d to rove.

Your Orb, more near Hyperion’s ray
Draws gladness from the golden beam,
The noontide of my brightest day
Is fainter than your twilight gleam.

And your short years must oft be told
Ere comet’s flight could waft my sighs —
But we with happier speed may hold
Communion in our mutual eyes

And take the name my love bestows
Venus Urania famed of yore
Not when that high device she chose
Cythera’s Queen was honour’d more.

And think if from your eyes should fly
One smile of heavenly light to mine
They shall be suns to me and I
No more your gloomy Valentine.

Feb. 14. 1808

expected to arrive
if not attracted by Jupiter

Feb. 14. 1818