To Miss Mary Anne King

Miss Porden

Sweet Babe! whose yes just opening on the day
Scarce yet reveal the intellectual ray
Whose looks can all thy mother’s cares beguile
Tho’ yet scarce conscious of that mother’s smile
Soon may those eyes, with livelier beam impart
Each varied feeling of thy youthful heart
Soon may they gaze upon thy mother’s face
Until thine own has caught her every grace
Like her thy lips in sweetest sounds dispense
Veiled in the softest words, the strongest sense
Like her in gentleness of mind, in form
Of Sylphid grace in heart for ever warm
In playful wit in purity of soul
That ever feels, but never shows control
And when matured thy frame, thy lovelier mind
Like her in Hymen’s happiest bonds confined
With all the gifts of favouring fortune blest
But most content, which bids us prize the rest
Then to o’erflowing, full will be thy store
Of earthly bliss — I cannot wish the more.

The Fairy of the River

January 14th 1816