Rules Formed to Promote Regularity

Communicated by Mrs Staveley

Rules formed to promote regularity at Skanes Caste, Lord O’Neils, during the meeting for Cymbeline

1st — Resolved that there shall be no breakfast after four in the afternoon, nor tea in the evening after one in the morning.

2d — That no noise shall be made in the day for fear of waking the company.

3d — That there shall be one whole hour between every meal.

4th — To inform all strangers that happen to come in while we are at breakfast, that we are not at dinner.

5th — That all company must assemble at dinner before the table cloth be removed.

6th — That if more than three trays of breakfast be sent upstairs to any invalid in the course of the morning that Dr Halliday may be sent for.

7th — That there shall not be more than four boiled turkeys in one day at dinner notwithstanding the great demand for them.

8th — That supper shall not be called for till five minutes after the last glass of wine, to give time to lay the cloth.

9th — That one being the hour for church on Sundays, the clergyman be allowed to begin before three, that he may read morning service before candlelight.

10th — That no person shall go out an airing after breakfast till the moon be up, for fear of being overturned in the dark.

11th — That no person shall ask, he or she, where they are going, nor propose to be of the party uninvited.

12th — That it is expected all valets de chambre and ladies maids be ordered to some place of worship on Sundays, that the house may be swept all over once a week.

15th — That no more than six valets de chambre and that the deputies of valets de chamber be not permitted to carry more than 16 pair of shoes, and six pair of boots, upstairs at one time, for fear of disturbing the sick or sleepy.

16th — That the grooms put up their horses after they have stood four hours at the door without further orders.