To Miranda

Miss Porden

When sprightly spring with genial power
Unbinds the chains of every flower
And from the Earth with gentle hand
Removes stern winter’s icy band
With thee I roam the verdant vale
With thee the freshning breeze inhale
I pluck the vernal flowers for thee
Too swiftly then the moments flee.

When summer gaily smiling reigns
With thee I quit the sultry plains
In jasmine or in woodbine bowers
With thee I pass the pleasing hours
Or in some groves embowring shades
While birds sweet carol o’er our heads
I twine some roseate wreath for thee
Too swiftly then the moments flee.

When autumn crowned with corn appears
And Earth a richer livery wears
For thee the purple grapes I cull
For thee the glowing nectarines pull
With thee in sportive mood I come
To grace the village harvest home
And as I lead the dance — with thee
So swiftly still the moments flee.

And now tho’ winter rules the Bear
Sweet friendship can the scene endear
What tho’ no more with thee I rove
To cull the flowers from dale or grove
Yet friendship still my bosom warms
And winter still for me has charms
For while Miranda spent with thee
Too swiftly still the moments flee.