To the Fair Advertiser

Miss Porden

How bright is Hope’s enlivening ray,
 How sweet her airy smile
But soon her radiance fades away,
 She lures but to beguile.

To Birchall’s with delighted speed
 Drawn by her words I flew
She said to meet my much loved maid,
 But false the joys she drew.

Another’s was the form, the face,
 The voice, the sparkling eye
And had she shone with angle grace,
 Still, ’twas not Emily.

No other maid in Damon’s breast,
 The subtle flame can more,
The heart that once true love confest,
 Again can never love.

Then pardon, gentle maid that I
 Reject your proffered hand,
When hearts their soft accord deny
 A chain is Hymen’s band.

And pity him whose lovesick eyes
 Are to your beauties blind
Whom Hope still loves to tantalize,
 With what he ne’er shall find.