The Claim Withdrawn

Miss Flaxman

Pretensions resigning
The contest declining,
Mercurius begs leave to withdraw,
For sad’s the condition,
He speaks with submission
Of him who engages in law.

In a certain profession
’Tis deem’d a transgression,
And silly the mis-judging elf,
Whatever may ail him,
Or sickness assail him,
To take his own physick himself.

Of civilians tho’ chief
He’ll think of no brief
But calmly give Mars up the field,
As he’d get nothing by it,
’Twere folly to try it — 
And much more polite thus to yield.

But he’ll always remember
That he is a member
A favor’d one too, of the Chest
And he still hopes to share
The smiles of the fair
And the welcome bestowed on the Guest.