The Age of Wonders

Miss Porden

“It is an age of wonders that we live in”
Each day example of this truth is giving
In fairy ring about their parent springs
A proudly glittering band of mushroom kings
Their children, dukedoms, lesser fungi rise
Beyond a ring of meaner dignities
The sad alternative the commons grieve
Or evidence or honor to believe
While in the papers his respected name
Sees many a man and trembles for his fame
An Amazon now guides of war the helm
And sends each briber to his favourite realm
And if we further turn our eyes behind
We see a general ride on every wind
A North Sir Hew, a South Sir Harry brings
And from their wisdom a convention springs
Homeric days and deeds return again
The gods now visit and now mimic men
Hermes to see the god of every mouse1
Must call upon him at his Delphic house
The immortal Muses are like modern ladies
And noble Pegasus a hack oft made is
And cause for wonder see a young man’s eyes
On Fancy’s wings soar upwards to the skyes
There fix’d yea form a constellation there
And laughing ogle Berenice’s hair
The ladies envious his good fortune see
And wish their eyes might hear his company


  1. Apollo