Elizabeth Appleton

No. 88 (1817-03-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/37

Lines with a Purse

No. 89 (1817-04-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/38

Petition of Aaron Harebrains

No. 90 (1817-04-29)D8760/F/FEP/5/38

Mr Solve-Query’s Papyrostatic Experiment
The Progress of Sculpture

No. 91 (1817-05-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/39

Vive Café
The Progress of Sculpture Continued

No. 92 (1817-05-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/39

Epitaph on a Hermit, signed Quiz

No. 93 (1817-06-10)D8760/F/FEP/5/40

Cram to the Editor
Omara an Eastern Tale

No. 94 (1818-05-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/41

Pomona to Euphrosyne

No. 95 (1818-06-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/41

To a Lady with some Lille Thread
A Dream, to the Editor of the Attic Chest