Do Not Swear at All

Do not swear at all — 
And if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self
 — and I’ll believe thee

By yon bright Moon that shines on high,
The fair fac’d Empress of the sky,
And by her liquid mirror too
I swear dear girl that I’ll be true!

Nor yet believe! Nay then I swear
By the light tenants of the air
By sparrows, nightingales, and doves
By all the train of winged loves
By the keen light’ning of those eyes
And by the flame that never dies
A flame that lightning did impart
To burn incessant in my heart!

Still thou are cold, more cold than snow,
Thy heart I swear thou cannot glow
’Tis like the flint that struck by steel,
Produces fire, but none can feel!