Plan for a Lottery

Miss Vardill


The Worshipful Society of Tabby Hall have the Hermit’s invitation to vote in their Election of a new Member; and request their concurrence in a Petition to Parliament for an Act enabling the said Society of Tabby Hall and the said Hermits to dispose of their present Stock by way of Public Lottery according to the annexed Plan; and a due portion of the profits will be allotted to each Party.

Barnaby Scratch (Secretary)

Allcourt Anyside, Solicitors

Dec 12th 1815

Plan for 1816 of a New State Lottery under Government Security

Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Tickets to Be Drawn Separately

Seven Capital Prizes & Only

Two Hundred Blanks!

First Day’s Drawing
1. A widower aged 64, with a decided asthma & 3 physicians: £20,000
2. The next Heir to an Irish Title & estate if 14 cousins die. (N.B. His wife is not quite dead): £10,000
3. A philosopher with two Folio Treatises on Cobwebs, & a new-invented electrical Mousetrap likely to sell for: £5,000
4. Member of the Whip-Club & Sparring Academy with dogs & horses worth: £2,000
5. A Valetudinarian with only seven nephews. (500 Phials will be given to the holder of this prize.) His life is insured for: £1,000
6. A Bon Vivant in his 3d Apoplectic Fit, inventor of a new dish of owl’s eggs a-la-compote, valued by the London Tavern at: £500
7. An honest industrious Amanuensis with 10 particular Friends & 48 promises of a place under government worth: £50
Second Day’s
1. An Heiress aged 19 with a superannuated guardian & Seventeen accomplishments: £20,000
2. A widow in her 36th public year, with no incumbrance & a well-secured Jointure worth (at seven years’ purchase): £10,000
3. The Authoress of several popular works, with 8 unpublished novels, 20 political essays, & 2000 sonnets, valued by herself at: £5,000
4. A careful managing Spinster with 200 anecdotes & some choice specimens of antique china & point lace. Cost: £2,000
5. A most rare & exquisite Beauty in high preservation, with the original cosmetic of Ninon de L’Enclos, worth: £1,000
6. A very useful Maiden Aunt, prompter of 5 marriages and 26 explanations (A lapdog is included in this lot): £500
7. A lovely and interesting Heroine with the newest attitudes & most elegant nerves, & a veil worth (if paid for): £50

Tickets (not transferable) to be had at all Licensed Offices, Price £1 1s. each.