Anna Jane Vardill

No. 45 (1811-07-16)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

“Said Hymen to Cupid”

No. 46 (1812-01-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

The Meeting

No. 47 (1812-01-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

From Brighton to London

No. 48 (1812-02-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

The Frown and the Smile

No. 49 (1812-02-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

When First by Gentle Ouse
Not in a Lover’s Humble Strains
Enigmatical Valentine
Answer to the Advertisement

No. 51 (1812-03-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

And Exile’s Dream
To Music

No. 52 (1812-04-01)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

To One of the Graces
To Ellen

No. 53 (1812-04-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

To Two of the Graces

No. 54 (1812-04-29)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

To Friendship
Written with a Crow Quill
The Remonstrance

No. 55 (1812-05-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

To Amanda
To Donald

No. 56 (1812-05-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

Letter from the West Indian
Lady Flora

No. 57 (1812-06-17)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

Old Joan
Blessed be the Eye

No. 58 (1813-03-17)D8760/F/FEP/5/19

Letter from Martinus Scriblerus Jr.
Circular on the Same Subject
Address for the Opening of the Chest
Written for the Opening of the A.C.
On Proud Britannia’s Rocky Seat
Address, from the Spirit of the Attic Chest

No. 59 (1813-03-31)D8760/F/FEP/5/19

Rokeby, a new comic opera
The Pen’s Address

No. 60 (1813-04-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

To my Husband

No. 61 (1813-04-28)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Lady Belle Bluemantle to the Editor
A Moral Tale

No. 62 (1813-05-12)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Do. from Barnaby Scratch
The Farewell
An ex-Members Lamentation

No. 63 (1813-05-26)D8760/F/FEP/5/21

An Antient Fragment found in a Skeleton Case
Jeffrey Julep to the Editor

No. 64 (1813-06-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/21

Kitty Maltravers to the Editor
Mr Julep’s Memorandums
Fragment Found in the Hermitage
Dr Cardamom to the Editor
The Night before the Battle

No. 65 (1813-06-23)D8760/F/FEP/5/22

Kitty Maltravers to the Editor
Letter from Lady Belle Bluemantle
Song for a Festive Occasion

No. 66 (1813-07-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/22

Michael Mitre to the Editor
The Invisible Cap
The Rendezvous

No. 67 (1814-02-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/23

Probationary Ode from Sir Pertinax Townly
The Hermitage
The First Brother’s Tale

No. 68 (1814-03-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/24

Reply to Anacreon’s 8th Ode
Letter from Mr Beauclerc
Fragment of an Odd

No. 69 (1814-12-07)D8760/F/FEP/5/25

The Elfin Harp
Address to the Spirit of Attic Nights
Hermes Caduceus
Ode by Olivia Gossamer
Ode by Miss Stormont
The 2d Brother’s Tale

No. 70 (1814-12-21)D8760/F/FEP/5/26

The Third Brother’s Tale
Sir P. Townly
An Attempt

No. 71 (1815-02-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/27

The Lovers Calendar for 1815
A Fairy’s Song
Mr Beauclerc
Sir P. Townly
Philemon to Olivia
The 4th Brother’s Tale
New Epistle
Music to the Fairy’s Song

No. 72 (1815-03-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/28

Address from Philemon Beauclerc
To Olivia
The Lunatics: a Drama in Three Acts

No. 73 (1815-03-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/29

Translation of a Hebrew Valentine
A Hebrew Valentine
A Hebrew Song Paraphrased
Translation by Rachel Periera
A Lesson for Lovers
The Fifth Brother’s Tale
Lady Olivia Gossamer’s Prize Essay

No. 74 (1815-12-06)D8760/F/FEP/5/30

“The Phoenix sent Cards”
“When Norway’s Monarch knelt to gain”
Letter from Prosai Poetico
The 6th Brother’s Tale
Advertisement of the Hermits for the 7th Brother

No. 75 (1815-12-20)D8760/F/FEP/5/30

Address. Ex parte Pocket Handkerchief
Mr Beauclerc to the Editor
Balance of Opinions on Women
Plan for a Lottery
The 7th Brother’s Tale
Closing Address from the Hermitage

No. 76 (1816-01-30)D8760/F/FEP/5/31

Letter from Pertinax Townly
First Chapter of a Novel
Love in April

No. 77 (1816-02-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/31

Letter from Peregrine Project
The Wreath
The Gamut of Faces

No. 78 (1816-02-28)D8760/F/FEP/5/32

Answer to the Wreath
Acrostic to Miss Porden on Her Poem
Letter from Prosai-Poetico
Four Nations: The Saxon

No. 79 (1816-03-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/32

Four Nations: The Swede
Letter from Atticus Scriblerus

No. 80 (1816-03-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/33

Letter from Pertinax Townly
Four Nations: The Jew

No. 81 (1816-04-24)D8760/F/FEP/5/33

Letter with Sir Gilbert’s Heiress

No. 82 (1816-05-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/34

Letter from Philemon Beauclerc
Address of the Bridegrooms
The Spectre’s Isle
Edwin and Angelina

No. 84 (1816-06-05)D8760/F/FEP/5/35

To EAP on Her Birthday
Sales by Auction
Letter from Pertinax Townly
An Attic Bard to His Bride
Fourth Day’s Sale
A Translation from the Persian
Sonnet to a Tea Kettle

No. 85 (1816-07-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/35

From Prosai-Poetico to Beauclerc
The Thirteenth of June

No. 87 (1817-03-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/37

Valentine with a Repeating Watch
The New Coin of Parnassus
The 1st Act of the Novice of St Benedict

No. 88 (1817-03-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/37

The Lost Muse
The Waterloo Button

No. 89 (1817-04-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/38

The Festival of Nauruz
Persian Verses from Sadi
Translation of Vive l’Amour
Rosamond’s Chest

No. 90 (1817-04-29)D8760/F/FEP/5/38

A Muse Found
500 Lines

No. 91 (1817-05-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/39

The Novice of St Benedict Concluded

No. 92 (1817-05-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/39

Speak English Pray!
Atticus Scriblerus to Olivia
King Edward and Fair Agnes
The pas trois
Atticus to Rodelinda

No. 94 (1818-05-19)D8760/F/FEP/5/41

Honesty’s Promotion
Dr Brewster to Ellen with his Kaleidoscope
To the Authoress of the Arctic Expeditions

No. 95 (1818-06-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/41

The Canal to the Brook
The Cairngorm Diamond
Count Leandre with some Greek