Charles Blacker Vignoles

No. 15 (1810-01-16)D8760/F/FEP/5/5

Cupid as Landscape PainterMr Vignoles (B.R.)

No. 16 (1810-01-30)D8760/F/FEP/5/6

Address to a Gentleman on His BirthdayMr Vignoles (B.R.)
Answer to the Query in Natural HistoryMr Vignoles
Charade: FortnightMr Vignoles

No. 17 (1810-02-13)D8760/F/FEP/5/6

Stanzas on Terror and Pitycom. Mr Vignoles
Charade: SparklingMr Vignoles

No. 18 (1810-02-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/6

The Female EmigrationsMr Vignoles

No. 20 (1810-03-27)D8760/F/FEP/5/7

Westminster Hall on the First Day of TermMr Vignoles (Edward)

No. 23 (1810-05-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/8

Aruns to Thalestriscom. Mr Vignoles
The Challenge of TimonMr Vignoles

No. 24 (1810-05-22)D8760/F/FEP/5/9

Enigmacom. Mr Vignoles (S.A.W.)

No. 25 (1810-06-05)D8760/F/FEP/5/9

What You WillMr Vignoles (B.R.)
Springcom. Mr Jackson & Mr Vignoles
From TimonMr Vignoles (Simon)
What You WillMr Vignoles

No. 28 (1810-07-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/10

The Spirit of the Attic Chest’s FarewellMr Vignoles

No. 29 (1810-11-20)D8760/F/FEP/5/11

The Complaint of the MembersMr Vignoles
Acrostic, on the Death of Princess AmeliaMr Vignoles

No. 31 (1810-12-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/11

Ode to a Pig, while his nose was boringcom. Mr Vignoles

No. 32 (1811-01-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/12

Description of a ConversazioneMr Vignoles
The Tapstercom. Mr Vignoles

No. 32 (1811-01-15)D8760/F/FEP/5/12

Sonnet from Petrarch, on the Death of LauraMr Vignoles
Cupid Turned Shepherd, from Tasso’s AmyntaMr Vignoles
The Pious Painter, a Catholic Storycom. Mr Vignoles

No. 34 (1811-02-12)D8760/F/FEP/5/12

The Sylphiad Canto 1st → Mr Vignoles
Say Love, What Master Shows Thy Art com. Mr Vignoles
Epigram on the Chinese Astronomers Ho and Hicom. Mr Vignoles

No. 35 (1811-02-26)D8760/F/FEP/5/13

The Fiery Element Personifiedcom. Mr Vignoles & Mr Sheridan
The Sylphiad Canto 2nd → Mr Vignoles

No. 36 (1811-03-12)D8760/F/FEP/5/13

The Subpoena of the MusesMr Vignoles
Acrostic to Eliza Mr Vignoles

No. 38 (1811-04-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

“When the Cause Has Been Heard”Mr Vignoles

No. 39 (1811-04-23)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

The Convictcom. Mr Vignoles
Ode on a College Feast Daycom. Mr Vignoles
The ResolveMr Vignoles
The Widowcom. Mr Vignoles
Shelton Oakcom. Mr Vignoles

No. 40 (1811-05-07)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

Mira’s Despaircom. Mr Vignoles
The Sylphiad Canto 3d → Mr Vignoles

No. 41 (1811-05-21)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

The Mouse and the Oystercom. Mr Vignoles

No. 42 (1811-06-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/14

The Sylphiad Canto 4th → Mr Vignoles

No. 43 (1811-06-18)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

The Sylphiad Canto 5th → Mr Vignoles

No. 44 (1811-07-02)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

Sonnet to Expressioncom. Mr Vignoles

No. 45 (1811-07-16)D8760/F/FEP/5/15

To Miss PordenMr Vignoles (Amicusa)

No. 46 (1812-01-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

To the Attorney of God MarsMr Vignoles
Verses on the New YearMr Vignoles

No. 48 (1812-02-08)D8760/F/FEP/5/16

Rondeaucom. Mr Vignoles (Anti-Fisty)

No. 50 (1812-03-04)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Answer to the AdvertisementMr Vignoles
The Four First Cantos of the Sylphiad → Mr Vignoles The Four Last Cantos of the Sylphiad → Mr Vignoles

No. 54 (1812-04-29)D8760/F/FEP/5/17

Imitated from the Greekcom. Mr Vignoles

No. 57 (1812-06-17)D8760/F/FEP/5/18

The Wishcom. Mr Vignoles
AdieuMr Vignoles

No. 58 (1813-03-17)D8760/F/FEP/5/19

Anonymous No. 1Mr Vignoles

No. 60 (1813-04-14)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Gallus to the Society of VestalsMr Vignoles

No. 61 (1813-04-28)D8760/F/FEP/5/20

Christopher Circuit to Tabby HallMr Vignoles
Anonymous No. 2Mr Vignoles

No. 64 (1813-06-09)D8760/F/FEP/5/21

Anonymous No. 3Mr Vignoles