Address from Philemon Beauclerc

Miss Vardill

Positive House
March 4th 15


I address myself to you as Editress of the Attic Chest concerning a misdemeanour committed by some person or persons of your society.

A paper intended for me has been detained, a paper — Madam! — in which I have a most particular, a most tender interest. If the offender be a lady, the grievance must be smiled at and forgiven. But if a gentleman he must know what satisfaction alone can compensate for the injury sustained

    by Madam yours
      Philemon Beauclerc

The choice of weapons, as usual in such cases, I shall leave to the challenger.

He may perhaps fancy that a combat of feathers or paper bullets will suffice. And if he does think so, let him look to it, for he may assure himself that it shall suffice.

Excuse errors, for I write during a paroxysm of rage and indignation.

To the Editress of the Attic Chest