Answer to the Wreath

Miss Vardill

Time will not stay, for myrtle leaves
Nor for the garland Fancy weaves
Tho’ fairy hands the pencil bring
And dip it in the hues of spring
 Time will not stay.
Yet round united hearts entwin’d
That fairy wreath he loves to find
Then from the bond he takes no flower
But adds another every hour.
 He passes flying.
For well he knows that holy bond
Shall bloom his earthly date beyond
Till hope and joy their kingdom greet
And death in chains at mercy’s feet
 Himself lies dying.
Time bids the minstrel’s brief wild rose
In cold oblivion’s lap repose
The links by vagrant Cupid spun
The laurels by ambition won
 His scythe shall sever
But when he sees their trophies bound
Bland virtue’s steadfast altar round
He comes with downy wings to give
His sacred seal and bids them live
 With him for ever