Acrostic to Miss Porden on Her Poem

Communicated by Miss Vardill

E re the world was created and order began,
L aws enacted to rule and to civilize man;
E ngulf’d and entomb’d in an unfathom’d deep,
A lone Father CHAOS lay snugly asleep.
N ought dreaming what feats he’d to act, the first peep,
O r what a fine farce would appear in our time
R ais’d by ELEANOR PORDEN in musical rhyme.

P our forth all ye fountains, fresh streams to her fame
O ’er each temple on Earth and in air write her name
R ear altars, heap incense, eternize the blaze
D ue to nature’s new Laureat her Lyre and her Lays,
E ach element hasten its gifts to supply,
N or the laurel to ELEANOR PORDEN deny.

Morning Post
Feby. 26th 1816