When the Cause Has Been Heard

Mr Vignoles

When the cause has been heard ’twixt Mercurius and Mars,
And the votes have been taken of all the bright stars,
Then descend to your mortals, and ask their opinion
Which of the two godships should have the dominion.
Let a notice be written to each Attic member,
Whether scribe, or attendant, or absentee lumber,
Beg their votes they will send, and to make them official
Let each paper be sign’d with a glyphic initial1
Should a reason by added, let the vote be deemed double,
This will quash disputation and save future trouble,
Thus all bickerings and jawings, and discords will cease,
And each Muse meet her sister and votary in peace.

  1. Glyphic initial, anagram, or cypher, form’d of two or more letters of their usual poetical signature, as thus: