The Wish

Communicated by Mr Vignoles

Ah! let me seek the sylvan shade
Where many a village youth and maid
While Phoebus stoops to gild the scene
Are met upon the shadowy green
Where jocund Sport with rosy cheeks
Delights to show his games once freaks
And sprightly Dance, in airy round
Trips o’er the daisy dappled ground
Where Mirth and Innocence unite
To form the simple swain’s delight.

Or slow and pensive let me rove
Where Night’s sweet chantress lulls the grove
Where Meditation loves to roam
And view with mental eye her heavenly home!
There oft beside the drowsy rill
Or down the gently sloping hill
With roses fringed and wild flowers dressed
The amorous youth unlocks his breast
And pleads a passion void of art
That melts the listening virgin’s heart!