The Fiery Element Personified

Communicated by Mr Vignoles & Mr Sheridan

In poets, all my marks you’ll see,
 Since flash & smoke reveal me;
Suspect me always near Nat Lee
 E’en Blackmore can’t conceal me.

In Milton’s page I glow by art,
 One flame intense and even;
In Shakespear’s blaze! a sudden start,
 Like lightnings flash’d from heaven.

In many more, as well as they
 Thro’ various forms I shift;
I’m gently lambent when I’m Gay,
 But brightest where I’m Swift.

From smoke shre tidings you may get,
 It can’t subsist without me;
Or find me, like some fond coquette,
 With fifty Sparks about me.

In other forms I oft am seen,
 In breast of Young and Fair;
And as the Virtues dwell within,
 You’ll always find me there.

I wish pure piercing, brilliant gleams
 Can arm Eliza’s Eye!
With modest, soft, ethereal beams
 Sweet Mary’s I supply!!