The Fair Penitent

Mr E. Elliott


Oh why did he go!
 I meant not to refuse him,
How could he think so?
 For worlds I would not lose him;
But alas! he’s flown from me,
Boasting that his heart is free,
And I ne’er shall see
 His sweet face again — 
  Again, again,
 His sweet face again.
Oh silly! thus to lose
 A heart once my own,
His proferr’d hand refuse
 To pine thus alone.
Ah me, alone! — ah me, alone!


Oh what shall I do,
 My lost swain to recover?
I’d ever prove true,
 All trifling should be over;
And no more with frown or flaunt,
Angry look or peevish taunt,
His sly love to daunt
 For yes, I’d say nay;
  Oh no! oh no!
 No tricks I’d display.
Then prithee, dearest Youth,
 In pity return;
Receive my plighted truth,
 My penitence learn.
Ah me, return! — ah me, return!