Mercurius presses on his suit with such earnestness, as shows him to be a god of business, and who knows that expedition is the soul of it and to satisfy his impatience, we intended to have proposed the discussion for this evening, but we are concerned to find, and doubtless he will be much more so, that his leading counsel has not excepted his briefs, from what cause we are ignorant. However we can scarcely imagine that a god of so much cunning should have neglected to send the proper fee to a pleader of so much eminence.

Be this as it may the cause is necessarily deferred and Mercurius, if he cannot change the sentiment of his chosen advocate, must either appoint another, plead his own cause, or decline the contest. We would recommend the middle course, that is, to make his personal appearance.

We shall not pretend to enumerate the pieces which will be read this evening, they are chiefly Valentines, and possess much merit in their way. We have also several poems which appear to have been intended as Valentines, but as they will do for any other day as well as that day, and allude to circumstances that we have no knowledge of as relating to our Society, we doubt their originality and therefore we shall only order them in the language of Parliament to lie on the table, unless those who contributed them, will mark them as original.

The Reply to

“Say Love what Master shews they art.”

and the personification of the fiery elements, we were too much pleased with to imprison them in our Casket for another fortnight.

The Sylphiad and the Restoration have each advanced one Canto, but we see no farther in their plan and probable termination, than at their first appearance.