The Editress is happy to announce to her friends a new correspondent, a relation of Fitz-Pieria, whose powers of humour seem to rival his facetious cousin. His contribution will be read tonight, because she would not delay their sharing in the pleasure she has received from it, nor of that which they must experience in expecting the promised continuation. Fitz-Pieria has made further progress in the Muses vagaries, and in a short note at the conclusion of his paper, has intimated his inclination to appear if permitted with the conclusion of his Poem in his hand, to which the Editor and Editress have sent an answer expressive of the satisfaction they would receive from his visit. They however, cannot refrain from expressing their opinion that whatever may be the pretensions of the author to the masculine gender Fitz-Pieria will appear in petticoats but in whatever shape, such a guest will be welcome. The Editress has received two answers to the riddle which appeared in a former night, but as other correspondents may probably exercise their talents on this knotty subject, they will be deferred till a future evening, to give equal opportunity to all.

The long promised Jarvey will be called from its stand this evening, but Hassan’s prose The Garland of Morning and some other productions are unavoidably deferred.