Mr Elliott

Dear Madam,

A friend of mine, who was sometime since in Portugal, having been much struck with some of the ballads of the country, called ‘modinhas’, made a collection and brought them home. They are elegant little airs and remind me sometimes of the Venetian ballads, well known and admired here. The wish to hear them sung by some you ladies for whom the Portuguese had no attractions, has occasioned a first effort in song-writing, in an attempt to adapt English words to them; and though the chief merit of such a composition is its assorting with the air, which may render a legitimate verse impracticable, I am tempted to send a few of the songs for your Chest, bespeaking the indulgence of the Attic Society on the above account. If these are found to read as well as to sing, they may be followed by a few more.

dear Madam,

your &c. &c. &c

  1. Edward
  2. The Serenade
  3. Captivity
  4. Exile
  5. Young Willy