The Serenade

Mr Elliott


Awake, Love, the moon’s beam
Shines bright on Tejo’s stream,
And fragrant the breeze blows
From bow’rs where blooms the rose;
 Arise, Love, and listen
While Pedro sings with fond delight
A Lover’s Song by night!


Arise, Love, each proud star
Shall own that brighter far
Than gild night’s blue cope, rise
In my Eulalia’s eyes.
 Arise, Love, and listen!
And beam those eyes with soft delight
On Lover’s Song by night!


As once Pedro’s song woke,
Light from thy lattice broke;
And thrill’d thro the still air
Eulalia’s sweet guitar;
 For aye could I listen,
Or sing responsive with delight
My Lover’s Song by night!


Awake, Love, night’s sweet bird,
Tho’ now with rapture heard,
For envy shall mute be,
Her song surpass’d by thee;
 Arise, Love, and listen,
Or sing responsive with delight
A Song of Love by night!