The Picture

Miss Sanders

As each returning day I gaze on thee
I strive to check the rising misery,
 That feeling would impart,
And as I view thy smiling features o’er,
And sadly know for me they’ll smile no more
 I almost break my heart.

Unconscious shade of one I’ve lov’d so well,
To thee alone my griefs I ne’er can tell;
 For thou can’st not betray,
And if in this I can some pleasure find,
I fancied joys can ease the wounded mind;
 And gild the passing day.

Oh! then I’ll hold thee more than ever dear
And cease to grieve nor call my fate severe,
 Whilst thou thy influence lend,
And tho’ remembrance may demand a sigh
And tears may fall unbidden from my eye,
 I’ll only call thee friend!