The Spirit of Yuletide

Miss Sanders

Address’d to Miss Porden in acknowledgement of the pleasure the Author received this this Evening.

As icy gales from northern regions blow,
And the hodge holly peeps beneath the snow,
The clouds disperse — fair Cynthia’s welcome ray
Directs my homeward, cheers my lonely way;
More bright the beam — a form celestial seen,
Descending lightly o’er the frozen green
A fairy form, who seems to seek for rest
Upon the rosetree, now by winter dressed
Whose berries oft the hungry redbreast feed
Amaz’d! I stand unable to proceed.
Her wand majestic waving seems to say
“To this fair vision, man and attention pay
I from high Jove for winter’s pastime sent,
My pow’r awhile to earthly mortals lent.
Seest thou yon splendid mansion’s stately gate
Benevolence and Friendship there await
With Hospitality to give the treat.
My entrance be the signal mortal come
Yuletide invites you to the festive dome
No cold reception of a stranger fear,
To ev’ry guest, politeness lends an ear.
Good humour, Genius, Harmony combine
To tinge their pleasures with a “ray divine”.
On that descended, here I willing rest
The throne I claim, fair Ellen’s “Attic Chest.””