• Verses imitated from the French of Moliere “Si le Roi m’avoit donné”
  • An answer to the Query in Natural History and Another addressed to Lady Charlotte Durham.
  • The Wise Men of Gotham, a Tale
  • Cupid as Landscape Painter, the literal translation read on a former evening from the German of Goethe.
  • The same versified and paraphrased
  • A riddle and a charade

We doubt not but our auditory will be much gratified with the treat which the liberality of our friends has provided for them as enumerated above. We shall not enter into any particular disquisition as to the merits of the several productions, but on the whole they will be found highly creditable to their respective writers. The versification of Cupid as Landscape Painter must however be noticed as a work of superior merit, and which wants but very little correction to render it a finished performance.