To Roberto

Miss Porden

Vainly you try to keep concealed
Facts by Fitz Helicon revealed
Who has to us discovered all
Relating to your dreadful fall
How, while composing verses you
The frighted courser overthrew
How falling still with dreadful force
You split a planet in your course
From that your illness we derive
And thank your skull you yet survive
How you your wits lost, how attained them
And how you used when you’d regained them
How Muses two in lucky hour
Saved you from angry Hermes’ power
How Pegasus his starry station
Now holds and forms a constellation
How Hermes, you with friendly aid
Upon his back to Earth conveyed
All this we know and all beside
Respecting your aetherial ride
And from your pen we now request
Some verses for the Attic Chest
And dread no more your vain excuses
Knowing you favoured by the Muses
Besides, if other proof without
Your ode sublime would banish doubt
Thro’ aether when you proudly rode
And nearly reached great Jove’s abode
You viewed the space thro’ which you’d flown
On worlds innumerous looking down
Your Muse disdained less high employment
And sang of gods and gods’ enjoyment

The Genii of the Attic Chest