A Felpham Song


Young Freemen! who learn to obey and command,
While Providence favours our brave native land;
While to Britain this guardian new honour imparts,
Let our country’s just praise be the joy of our hearts!


Britannia’s achievements resound o’er the globe,
Since Waterloo saw her in victory’s robe;
Since the waster of earth to a rock she confined
And, by caging a vulture, gave rest to mankind.


Her sons, all enjoying her glory in arms,
See peace, with mild radiance, endearing her charms,
While her young royal fair, now in Hymen’s gay scene,
From a hero’s pure love learns the task of a queen.


Kind Princess! for whom, in a union most rare,
Affection, and grandeur, new blessings prepare,
We feel, in recording the joys of thy lot,
Thy favour enlivened this maritime spot.


Here for thee to the sky our devotions ascend:
Royal Charlotte! be ever the villager’s friend!
An example thyself, that no time shall efface,
Of true British honour and conjugal grace.