We feared we had already perused the last chapter of the Romance of Positive House but have been agreeably surprised by a letter from Sir Pertinax giving a whimsical description of Lord Aircastle’s house and furniture and the — epithalamiums, must we call them, of the three bridegrooms. We thought that of Sir Pertinax was not new to us, and on perusing “the Editor’s” letter a second time we perceive an oblique hint that it has been published.

The Epitaph on a dog interred in a park in Upper Saxony was sent to the Chest some time since; and put away with some other paper at the interruption of our meetings which followed from the illness of one of our members. We mention this circumstance merely as an apology to the author for the long delay of its appearance.

We do, we acknowledge, begin almost to “tire of the great name of Waterloo”, interesting as its memory is, and must ever be, to a British soul; yet we cannot regard with severity the contribution of Amicus, which would be valuable, were it only for recalling to our minds the beautiful Ballad of Hohenlinden.

We are sorry to find that Kuban Khan is to be the last of the National Tales, yet we must thank the author for the attention already shown to our request of extending the series.

How is it that L’Acerbo has failed? Is it that Mr Beauclerc is at present too much engaged, and that we must wait till the end of the honeymoon for the continuance of his favours? We trust that then at least he will resume his pen.