The Chaplet


See how sweetly blooms yon op’ning Rose,
 That young summer’s radiance flushes!
Love’s best emblem mark, its leaves disclose
 Softest wishes, smiles and blushes:

Yet with summer roses vanish;
Ages’ winter love shall banish;
 Wreaths of roses Twine then while still they’re gay!
 Love’s sweet blossoms
Call then in youth’s fresh May!


Yonder see the shining Myrtles bloom,
 Friendship’s emblem, pure unfading;
Mark their sober green and mild perfume,
 With no flaunting sweets parading:
There no covert thorns are lurking,
Mischief veil’d in sweetness working:
 Wreaths of myrtle
In green perennial shine — 
 Holy friendship
Still blooms tho’ years decline!


With my Celia would I twine a wreath
 Of the Rose and Myrtle blended;
That, their sweets no more tho’ roses breathe,
 Still its verdure were not ended;
As our roses’ bloom is shedding,
Shall our myrtles’ growth be spreading:
 Love’s bright radiance
Shall light our youthful day — 
 Tender Friendship
Shall gild our years’ decay!