Letter from Peregrine Project

Mr Elliott

Air Street
31st November 1815

Mr Editor

As the illustrious Attic Society is not only the focus of taste and judgement, but of patronage and redress for distressed and ill-treated genius; and is moreover, I understand, sovereign umpire in all matters connected with Positive House, I beg to appeal to its enlightened tribunal from the unjust and selfish influence of (the miscalled sage) Electromagus.

I am one, Sir, who blush not at the name of Projector, but on the contrary glory in having brought to light inventions the most wonderful and useful, schemes that, if not frustrated by prejudice, illiberality, and want of enterprise, would have raised this Nation to a height unequalled and inconceivable to everyday minds. I know Lord Aircastle to be the munificent Patron of all such inventions, and I had hoped by his means yet to have benefitted my Country and myself, but alas! his ear is deaf to all that comes not recommended by his favorite quack, and the narrow-minded Electrician exerts all his influence to thwart me. Deign then worthy Sir, to lend a favorable ear to an unfortunate, and if the Attic Society should find the inclosed Proposal, as I humble trust they will, no mean specimen of talent, and solicit the honor of your recommendation and introduction to the noble Lord in question.

I have the honor to be
your and the Attic Society’s
devoted Servant

Peregrine Project