A Riddle

Miss Porden

Of amber hue, around my head
A silken canopy is spread
Secluded here in slumber sweet,
I breathe, but neither move nor eat.
Of late you scarce could find in nature
A greedier, gourmandizing creature.
Snug in my leafy bower I lay
And ate my fill by night and day.
Until with light and food oppressed
I wove the chamber of my rest
A chamber which preserved with care
Shall aid to clothe the blooming fair,
Or form the velvet robe of state,
Which decks the gorgeous and the great.
 Yet soon when warmer sunshine calls
I’ll burst this prison’s slender walls.
I’ll cast my shining shell away
And soar beneath the genial ray.
I’ll hang o’er every flower that blows
I’ll drink the fragrance of the rose.
The rival of its snowy hue
I’ll sip the jasmine’s honied dew.
Where suns their warmest radiance fling
Where brightest bloom the gems of spring.
From sweet to sweet I’ll lightly fly,
Oh! who so gay, so blest as I!
Content to sport my life away
And perish with the closing day.
 Come, little girl, and say what name
I bore, I bear, and soon shall claim.

Answer: Chrysalis