Acrostic to a Young Lady

Sir J. Barrington

M us is Latin for Mouse, Puss is English for Cat,
A nd so it goes on, that for this, this for that,
R ight or wrong, up and down, here and there, high or low,
Y ou view as relations, and vary the show.

A lexander the Great was a Conquering King,
L illiputian Princes could do no such thing,
E els and Elephants would not assort in a ring.
X enobia reign’d in the grandest hubbub
I nstead fam’d Diogenes lived in a tub,
N o extreme or excess suits the body or mind,
A ll that’s good in a narrower compass we find.

C ontented is wealth, tis the wealth of the soul,
A nd disposes its treasures from pole unto pole,
M ore precious than gems or the ores that we view
P our’d forth from Golconda, Potosi, Peru
B e pious, be moral, be courteous, be just,
E mbracing all virtues, as holding in trust,
L earn by rule and example to chasten your breast,
L et Providence govern and sanction the rest.