Communicated by Miss Flaxman

Parody — Impromptu — composed in the Laurel Bower.. after a slight doze

Said a Cough to a Sneeze,
Like the soft-passing breeze
While it raved like the wind in rough weather
“Little Sneeze I declare,
It strange doth appear
That we should be here both together.”

“I was caused by a strong snuff
Rather more than enough,
From a Beau’s thumb and finger proceeding.”
“And the truth to unveil
I came to conceal
So flagrant a breach of good breeding.”

Cries the Sneeze, “Then I swear,
Brother Cough, it is clear,
We are twins, and rappee is our Mother
And most woeful grimace,
Shall distort ev’ry face
That attempts our joint efforts to smother.

P…… T……

Positive House

Dec. 10th

Genuine, without the assistance of that exorbitant Rscl Atticus S*s!!!